Wednesday 1 September 2010

NuBo Skincare

NuBo is a luxury anti ageing skincare brand. The implication seems to be it offers a revolutionary range of products that will work wonders. The range seems focused on the Cell Dynamic® which is meant to be a "super-powerful complex which activates cells to rejuvenate your skin, which goes beyond traditional anti-ageing approach". Its "advanced energy-recycling technology eradicates blocking toxins and radically improves the metabolic cycle to clear a pathway for effective delivery of bio active boosters creating a cycle of a self-maintained rejuvenation"

It sounds impressive, but to be honest what made me buy the products was not the anti ageing blurbs but the product formulations which are completely free of Parabens, SLS, Petro-chemicals, synthetic colours and fragrances.

Beauty expert have an offer on whereby if you spend £80 on NuBo you get a free full sized Hydrating Lipids Complex (worth £50) . A good offer, so I bought the Softening Cleansing Mousse (£30) and Vitamin C 12% Concentrate (£60) to qualify.

The Softening Cleansing Mousse is meant to be a calming and refreshing foam cleanser suitable for dry and sensitive skin (which I have).
Given how quickly the foam dissipated, I was very surprised by how well this removed my makeup (its not for eye makeup), I initially thought it would take off nothing as it seemed I was using such a little amount of product however I used a toner afterwards and got nothing. Very impressive.
My skin was not left irritated and I didn't receive any breakouts. Unfortunately the longer I used this the dryer my skin became. It was obvious after the first few days but I carried on as I loved the ease and efficiently with which it removed my makeup. However it was all too evident that the dryness was affecting my application of foundation and sure enough when I went onto another cleanser the dryness ceased. Such a shame.

The Vitamin C 12% Concentrate is an intensive brightening treatment with antioxidants to protect skin from free radical damage.
Its meant to "Neutralises free radicals caused by UVA and UVB rays, pollution and stress. Promotes an even skintone by reducing the appearance of pigmentation. Helps prevent age spots and helps to revive skintone. Assists the repair of sun damaged skin.Prevents signs of premature ageing".
As its a concentrated formula (15ml), you only need to use about 2 or 3 drops twice a week. Although its not given me any adverse effects I can't see any improvement after well over a month of use, I'm not sure if this is one of those long term products, but for the price I think I want to see some sort of improvement by now.

The Hydrating Lipids Complex is a concentrated serum (15ml) you only need a few drops for the whole face.
It contains a "complex blend of plant-derived lipids to intensively moisturise skin. Perfect for delicate and dry skin".
The formula feels quite silky, siliconey. There is no greasiness to it and it sinks in quickly. I do think it helps with dryness and dehydration, I use it under my normal moisturiser when my skin is feeling dryer than normal.

Overall I think this is quite an interesting line, the product formulations seem quite clean and the "activeness" of the products and constant notion of rejuvenation make them seem more advanced. I will re buy the Hydrating Lipids Complex and may have a look at the other products in their range.


  1. I'm always on the lookout for a good vitamin C serum and when I read your initial description I was getting quite excited! However, the fact that in one month it hasn't done anything for your skin puts me off...for that price (though all vitamin C concentrates are terribly pricey!) I'd have wanted and expected something to have happened, some glow from within, you know, oranges and lemons coming out of your pores!! Do you have any other vitamin C serum suggestions? Pity about the cleanser, it did sound great, perhaps with my combo/sensitive skin it would work better! xx

  2. I agree with Anna, I was very interested in how you found the Vitamin C serum but that's very disappointing. I know it's about prevention not cure but you would hope for some improvement in skin tone. It's very interesting that it literally is just vitamin C in a carrier! I always find reading the ingredients very interesting.

    It'll be the lipid content which makes the serum feel quite silicone-y too I imagine. I bet it feels very nice on the skin.
    Jane x

  3. Hi Anna,
    You gave me a scary visual with the idea of oranges and lemons coming out of my skin.. ;) This is my first foray into Vit C so don't have any other suggestions I'm afraid. I'm sure the cleanser would suit you better, shame you don't live near me really so I could off load all the stuff that doesn't work for me ;P my mum never seems that pleased when I go round hers armed with skincare and cosmetics! x

    Hello Jane,
    I was really surprised by the 2 ingredients, at first I thought it must be a mistake! Still the way my skin is the less the better!
    I'll carry on using it till its finished and will do another post if something magical happens :)

  4. The Hydrating Lipids Complex feels silicony as it contains huge load of silicons ( cyclomethicone, dimethicone, phenyltrimethicone ); so much so that it will be great as a hair serum. I would advise you to spend your £50 elsewhere as I don't think it's worth it.

    The Vitamin C concentrate is very basic, there are more advance products out there with more sophisticated delivery system & stable vitamin C molecules than NUBO.

    Haven said so, I am a big fan of NUBO Cell Dynamic The Essence; This is THE serum that makes a different. You will also like Overnight Totale Recharge if you have drier skin.

  5. Hi LPB,
    Thanks for the advice, I think I tend to get caught up looking for ingredients that won't break my out when buying skincare rather than the actual benefit so I need to be more creful with future skincare purchases. I'll look into the Cell Dynamic and Totale Recharge. thanks :)

  6. For years I have battled with oily skin, uneven skin tone, dark spots, blemishes & acne flare ups.

    Living in a hot climate I assumed that I was destined to have bad skin until I was introduced to Nubo skincare range.

    It may be a luxury anti ageing skincare range but after 20 years of trying many “miracle products” this is money truly well spent.

    I have been using the range for about 18 months & I can finally say that somebody has finally discovered a “true miracle” that has lived up to everything it says it is.

    The true star of the range has to be the Vitamin C 12% concentrate. It does everything it promises to do.

    Using it daily really helped with my spots. It didn’t get rid of them over night but I did notice a difference in my skin after the first use and after 2 weeks of doing the skin Care routine religiously, my spots were less noticeable.

    After 6 months of using it people were commenting on how clear my skin was & how I no longer had patchy, sallow, uneven skin tone.

    The blemishes left behind by ugly acne flare ups disappear rather quickly & I have become accustomed to having firmer, even toned skin. Vitamin C 12% concentrate has certainly left me looking & feeling better about turning 42 in 2 weeks time.

    Satisfied customer, Durban , South Africa

  7. Hi,
    That sounds really great, so glad it has worked out so well for you. I think skincare is so tricky, I've had bad skin for over 6 years now and I know I am happy to spend more if it works for me as your skin is so important. Thanks for your comment.


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