Wednesday 15 September 2010

Guerlain fall 2010 : Rue de Sevres

The 2010 fall collection from Guerlain seems to have been one of their most talked about releases. The elaborately designed chiseled metal latticework palettes are certainly a sight to see. Whilst the palettes are a bit bulky and heavy there is no doubt they still retain an elegance and desirability about them. Each palette contains neutral shades and one pop of colour. The finishes seem to be a mix of matte, satin and shimmery.
29 Rue de Sevres (£51) contains a shimmery white/beige with a slight pink hue, a greyed beige, medium taupe which applies more grey,deeper cool grey, shimmery aqua green, dark brown grey liner.
The pigmentation is average and these are not the smoothest shadows I have, although they do blend and last well. Ultimately this is one of those palettes that looks better in the pan than it does on. I don't feel like I can get a lot of looks with these colours, the greys seems to go on quite similar.
Nice to have, but certainly not a must have for me. I also bought Place Vendome at the same time which I will show you soon as I much prefer it.


  1. I'm really looking forward to the Vendome review. The eye look you did here is lovely but I know exactly what you mean about the palettes falling short of our high expectations.
    Jane x

  2. Yup, that was my feeling too. I only swatched them in-store the other day, but I didn't think they would be worth the price in terms of pigmentation and variability. Admittedly, I'm still debating Rue de Passy, but I very much doubt I'll give in now, as I have the choice to wait for the sales in Athens (end of December) when I can get a much better deal.
    Having said that, I really like the look you created. I gives your eyes lovely definition , accent and depth.
    Nina x

  3. Definitely pretty to look at, but I must say I haven't really been happy with Guerlain lately: nice packaging and ideas but a few problems with the actual products in terms of pigmentation and smoothness, as you pointed out! I still haven't seen these here, they're probably out but I just haven't been to the right places! I'm actually sitting on a reclining chair in the hospital's pediatric ward, second night here, as my son's high fever and tonsillitis have come least now we'll (hopefully) find out what he has and cure it. xx

  4. Hi Nina, did you see my Rue de Passy posts? After my initial excitement, I tried to do a darker look and discovered that the pay off on the darker colours is quite poor. The lighter looks I've done are nice but I'm not sure it's £51 worth it nice, if you see what I mean. If you can stand it I would definitely wait and see if you can pick it up in the sale. I'm looking forward to seeing if these will be heavily discounted in the end of season sale at Debenhams.
    Jane x

  5. Hi Jane,
    I did indeed see your posts (and very helpful they were too... many thanks to both of you ladies :-)) ).
    I have to say your review cooled me down even before I paid a visit to the counter and I am soooo happy I didn't rush to buy sight unseen. I'll definitely wait (sometimes you can get absolutely ridiculous prices in Athens during the sales) and will hold off for Le Metier instead, the price of the Caleidoscopes being almost identical...
    Nina x

  6. Hi Jane,
    Yes, I don't think they were our best buys, at least you only bought one! Still I do really like the 2 lip products I picked up from the collection. I will be rather miffed if the palettes I got end up in their sale ;)

    Hello Nina,
    I think getting the metier instead will be a better option, did you see that GWP on the Liberty website ? looks really good, I was hoping they would have the new Metier up. On another note, do I recall you raving about a Suqqu eyebrow product, if so was it the pencil or liner one ? x

    Hello Anna,
    You poor thing, it just seems to get worse, how is your little man holding up ?? ((bigs hugs for both of you))
    Regarding the Guerlain I think you have hit the spot, I just got sucked in by the shiny pretty packaging! x

  7. It's the liner pen and it's very-very good!
    You can get an idea of it in numerous Lisa Eldridge videos as she uses it a lot. It's not an obvious choice perhaps for an eyebrow product, but it works really well.
    I keep meaning to go by Liberty's in order to find out about the release dates (their website is not very helpful in that respect) but somehow have not yet managed to find the time...

  8. new & unique..thats what I feel


  9. Hi Nina,
    Thanks, what colour one do you have ? I'll check out the LE videos. If you find out the release date please let me know x

    Hello Niharika,
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  10. I have a (light) brown one. When I got it (about a year ago) I'm not sure they had any other colours... x


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