Sunday 26 September 2010

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited lipsticks and first thoughts on their UK website

As I like the majority of items I have from Shu I was pleased when they recently opened their online UK site, Two great things about the website is that it actually lists the ingredients of all the products and offers free delivery if you spend over £30.
My only slight negative is that a few days after I placed my order I got a email saying that one of the lipsticks was out of stock and an email would be sent to inform me when I could reorder the item. Having had no further emails I was then surprised to, after receiving my initial order, have another one show up with the remaining lipstick. I didn't think I was getting it and didn't receive an email that I would be so its a good thing I didn't spend the money on something else.
The Rouge Unlimited lipsticks cost £19.50 each. When you can't find swatches/reviews of a cosmetics product I always find lipsticks can be the ones where you end up with a colour you least expect. Luckily I really like these shades, but I am hoping to come across a site that has some swatches or reviews of these to enable me to choose more in the future.
#945 is a mix of rose,pink and plum and is neural to cool toned
#958 is a delicate beige with pink and peach tones.
#322 (shown below) is a very icy sheer pink with a hint of peach (not a colour I would normally buy but I thought it would pair well with a silver/blue smokey eye)
Swatches L-R: #958, #945, #322
The lipsticks feel very comfortable, lightweight and incredible smooth, the colours have a moist/dewy finish to them, I will definitely be getting some more of these.


  1. Those are GORGEOUS- all three are colors I would chose! I love the weightless look of them.

  2. Liking the look of #322 might just have mosey on over to the site right now hehe! xx

  3. Hi Makeup Magpie,
    I think I lucked out with them, trying to decide on some other shades now :)

    Hello Jv,
    They do have a different look to them compared to my other lipsticks, glad I tried them as I'd not read much abouty them before.

    Hi Small Old Bean,
    If you end up getting anything would be interested to know :)

  4. Ooooh, 945 looks so pretty!
    They're just so cute to look at too, aren't they? And I love the packaging...
    What do you think of the Fall Becca palette? I am quite tempted I have to say.
    Nina x

  5. Hi Nina,
    I think 945 is my favourite of the three.
    I am very tempted by the fall Becca palette but wonder if I have similar shades ? can't make up my mind about it. Are you going to get any of the new Hourglass lipsticks ?

  6. Oh, I just saw those, I quite like the one called Fresco, but the swatches are not the best ever and I'm hesitating...I'll be calling into Fenwick's tomorrow to check out the Becca up close and personal...oh, my poor wallet!
    I picjed up the Pro-Longwear foundation today, will let you know how I fare with it.
    Nina x

  7. Oh dear, I'm drooling over 945. It looks lovely, I like the sound of the texture too. I think I might be getting the pro-longwear concealer. Has the Tigers palette arrived yet? I'm eager to hear what you think.
    Jane x

  8. Hi Nina,
    I've just ordered two of the Hourglass lipsticks so we will see what they are like. Let me know your thoughts on the Becca palette please, I'll let you be my deciding factor :)I'll be interested to hear if you like the MAC or not x

    Hello Jane,
    Rightfully so, your type of colour I think! I'm pretty sure you will like the concealer,I've no doubt I will re-buy it.
    I do have my tiger palette,the scary rate I am buying makeup means I have a backlog of reviews to do but I do intend to do that soon, I'll tell you something though, I REALLY like it, much more than I thought, so start saving.. ;) x

  9. Ok, mission accomplished!
    First off, I'm really impressed by the ProLongwear. Had it on from 06.30am (early start today) until 11.30pm, and it lasted perfectly on my dehydrated but combination/oily skin with only one blotting required at around 5pm! Didn't set into fine lines, didn't oxidise, didn't go patchy, but instead looked fresh and natural despite the very good coverage. Big success, thanks for the review hon, I owe you :-)))
    Now, for the Becca...well, I think your first impression was right. Basic shades, nothing you don't already have in your collection (with multiple variations too), it just did not impress me at all. Shimmery gray, slightly darker matte-ish gray, and charcoal liner plus highlighter, nice enough but all a bit meh. Looks pretty I suppose, but I personally would not spend the money as the shades are far from unique, or even especially interesting.
    Instead, I left Fenwicks with two lovely Paul&Joe lip products, a lovely glossy corally-pink lipstick, and a gorgeous pink-beige-barely plummy gloss with shimmer. Love! Oh, and I finally got my hands on the Jean Queen lipstick which might just be the most beautiful pink I have ever worn (pinks very rarely agree with me)...
    Right, I think I'll stop now, as this is turning into an essay lol
    Hope you have a great day!
    Nina x

  10. Hi Nina,
    So glad you like the foundation, you had a long day!!!
    Thank you so much for the Becca review, I trust your thoughts so that one goes off my list, my wallet thanks you :)
    Those Paul and Joe sound nice, are you going to get those Cat lipstick head ones ? I know they look a bit freaky but the shades look really nice from what I have seen online.
    I already have the Jean Queen lipgloss on my list after you said about it so do I have to add the lipstick on my list as well now, see you save me money and then you go and spend it all ;) x

  11. Well my dear, we aim to please...and to tempt! :-)))
    As for the cat-head lippies, oooh, I don't think I could bring myself to do it lol. I also took a good look at the eyeshadows, but the colour pay-off wasn't that good, whilst I thought they were shimmer overkill. Very pretty in the pan though
    FYI, the Jean Queen l/gloss seems to last longer on my lips than the l/stick, and worn over each other they really do look lovely.
    I'll be offline for the weekend, so have a great one!


  12. Hi Nina,
    I only have a few of the eyeshadows but they are quite shimmery, I am still tempted by those cat lipsticks though!
    I'll add both of those Jean Queen ones to my long space NK list :) x


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