Wednesday 22 September 2010

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer and Foundation

I bought the Pro Longwear Concealer (£12.50) in shade NW15, for comparison the swatches of my other MAC foundations (all NW15) L-R: select moisture cover, pro longwear, studio finish. As you can see there is a lot of variant.
One squirt of this pigmented, creamy concealer is enough for my under eye area and any facial redness and I still have a bit over. It covers well, although doesn't completely block out my darkness. It manages to give a natural matte finish, it doesn't settled in lines under my eyes, nor looks dry.
I woke up with really puffy eyes this morning so this is not the most pleasant before and after picture but I don't like to sugar coat things, I have just applied less than half a squirt under the eyes and on the surrounding area (coverage can be built up more than what I have done).
It does last very well and I have managed to go without powder on top of it. This is a definite re-buy for me due to the texture.
Here are the ingredients:
I had to buy the Pro Longwear Foundation (£22) in NC15 as they don't do it in a NW15 which seemed a bit odd. It is a bit too dark for me but I can blend it enough to make it wearable.
Swatches: L-R: Bobbi brown moisture rich Alabaster, MAC Pro longwear NC 15, Burberry Trench #1.
Although this medium coverage foundation sets quite quickly, it blends really well and evens out the skin tone with a natural semi matte finish. As I have dry skin this can go on a bit cakey but as long as you don't get too close to me it doesn't notice. In terms of staying power I would say that this is probably the longest lasting foundation I have had and I don't seem to get my usual shiny T-Zone break through when I get flustered.
The downside for me is that If I wear this too many days in a row I do get a few little spots ( I am very acne prone) and this is the only reason I would be hesitant to buy this again.
Here are the ingredients:
Both products come in a pump container, which is always my preference as it makes them more hygienic and easy to use.


  1. hmm this looks worth a look, thank you!

  2. The Burberry one still looks better colour-wise, pity it's not very long-lasting on you :( The MAC concealer, on the other hand, is definitely working well, I could do with some heavy duty concealer right now, you should see my blue circles!!! xx

  3. I think the concealer works very well indeed, and your review of the foundation makes me think I need to have a closer look (I like their face and body and use it regularly but I'd like something with a bit more coverage).
    On the subject of Le Metier, I went by the counter today (and came away with an eyeshadow beauty called Milan -a light, satiny brown-ish colour and the Summerland lip gloss which is gorgeous BUT not for me :-((((( ) and had a rather disappointing experience.
    The SA, albeit very nice, had no idea what I was talking about when I asked for specific products, such as Corinthian eyeshadow (and even asked me if I was sure it was from Le Metier lol), didn't seem particularly interested in whether I might be interested in other shades or products and just wanted to chat to colleagues...
    Anyway, she said they're launching in Selfridges "soon" (something that I just saw confirmed by British Beauty Blogger) and that the new collection should be in sometime "at the end of the month" or "sometime in October". She did ask for my email address though, so I'm hoping to hear back...
    Sorry for the rant Replica, but it bugs me when great brands display poor customer service...

    Nina x

  4. I like the look of the concealer. I did a similar bear my bags to the world post about my RMK concealer! I wonder if this would be a good alternative for me? I like the wear of the RMK but as I've said to you before the colour can be a bit too yellow. At least I have a bit more choice with the NC and NW at MAC. Thanks for the review.
    Jane x

  5. Hi Charlie,
    I will say they are the best foundations/concealers that MAC has put out imo.

    Hi Areth,
    Glad to help, let me know if you end up picking either up.

    Hello Anna,
    Yes, the Burberry one matches, the others not so much ;) I think you would have to go a long way to beat my circles, can't say its that pleasant seeing them online x

    Hi Nina,
    That is really bad service for Metier, not being funny but as its not a well know brand say compared to the likes of Chanal you would think they would be more reliant on good customer service so that the word gets spread and they also get repeat customers, also means you will be putt off going there again if that SA is on the counter. Its one thing not knowing what products you are selling but there is never a need to be rude, well I am going to be annoyied as well now!!
    I'm sure I have Milan, can't remeber what its called, will have to check! I really hope they do launch at Selfridges and it goes online, they have so many things I want but don't like doing mail orders over phone especially if they have SA's like that there! see I can rant too ;) x

    Hello Jane,
    I have the RMK one you do and the MAC is a lot better for texture and coverage x

  6. it seems i always come back late to your concealer posts, i've just used up a whole bottle of this pro longwear concealer, i'd have to say the texture was more than decent up to the last drop, i got it in nw20, very good shade, very easily wearable for an in-the-morning hurry, unfortunately not enough coverage for my purplish undereye, i was unable to combine it with the bisque bb corrector underneath due to texture, it just didn't work, too bad because the corrector neutralises almost completely despite its poor staying power -i'm currently trying to figure out a way to mix the corrector with the mufe full cover camouflage cream, quite stiff products both of them, potentially very promising and effective, if used properly i can imagine.

    (i know i am going off topic now, but another nice combination for me was the yellowish #2 diorskin nude concealer along with a pinkish effacernes by lancome. i think those two can match very effectively not only as for the colour but also the texture and staying power)

    enough with the crazy experimenting,
    i have been following you all along,
    overall thanks for the advice,
    take care.

  7. Hi Areth,
    Its so tricky getting a good under eye concealer I find, I tend to use something like the MAC and then one of those highlighter cliky pen type ones as well, but a lot of how well it works depends on the eye cream as well, so its trying to get it all right. I have actually been thinking about trying one of the MUFE ones as I have heard good things about those.
    I do like my diorskin, but I have the shade lighter than that, I've not tried the lancome one, but you have intrigued me now ;) Thanks for the suggestion x


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