Wednesday 15 December 2010

Becca Holiday Enigma Palette

Part of Becca’s Holiday collection, the Enigma palette (£35) contains three eyeshadows, Armure (matte dove grey), Silesia (matte very deep cool toned brown) and Surah (a mauve taupe with subtle shimmer).
The shadows are smooth and easy to blend and the colour payoff is really good. I adore these types of shades and whilst not necessarily unique, I don’t think I have exact dupes for them. This is an extremely wearable palette and you can either go for a soft natural look or smoky eye. I was in two minds about buying this but am really glad I did as I can see that I will get a lot of use out of it.
The palette is quite compact, about 8 x6.2 cm and comes with a good sized mirror and mini brush, I don’t have any negatives about it and I think this would make a good present.

I bought this from Zuneta, if you require further temptation they have some nice videos of the collection on their site (product application guides)

Edited to add photo, not the best but hopefully gives you an idea, Silesia to line, Armure on lid and Surah in the crease.


  1. arrgh, I keep reading about this winter edition palette and I'm afraid I can't resist much longer... would love to see how it looks on you :) have a great night, Sam xx

  2. Looks like a really nice neutral palette.

  3. Sorry, been away for too long as usual, currently feverish on the sofa! A lovely palette indeed, I was tempted to get it, especially because of Surah, which looks very much the kind of shade I'm going for at the moment (or I would be going for if I didn't look and feel like death warmed up :( ). Instead I opted for something else from the collection...but I'm getting a bit nervous...I ordered it from the UK about 2 weeks ago and still no sign of it, argh!!! Give us an EOTD!!! xxx

  4. Haha, commenting again just to let you know that the word I had to type in in order to post my comment was "swinest", seriously!!! xxx

  5. Gorgeous. I can't get enough of warm greys, they are just so flattering on everybody.

  6. It is lovely and I will admit to being very tempted. I watched those videos and ended up getting Belize dual ended pencil. I was very naughty and got it from ebay. A very unusual move for me! Anyway, I can't make it look like that it does in the video at all! It moves all over the place and is very creasy. I probably should have saved my cash towards this palette.
    Jane x

  7. This is gorgeous on your skintone Replica!! When I first saw it online I was so intrigued by the entire collection, I wanted it immediately, but decided to wait for swatches to appear online. After seeing some swtaches I felt it may be too ashy for my deep skintone (but its so pretty on you!)-- when Becca had their F&F sale I got the new Belize line + illuminate pencil instead. Have you played around with this palette yet? Are the demi-mattes completely matte?
    I use and love the shimmering skin perfector but am super impressed with the beach tints, I got the watermelon and a tiny sample of grapefruit, both are lovely and unlike any other product I've ever tried!
    Hope everything is well with you!

  8. Hi Sam,
    I’ve just posted a close up of the shadows applied, not a great pic, but with all this bad light I am having trouble getting good quality pictures at the moment. Hope that helps.

    Hi FunnyFace beauty,

    Yes, I think it would work for anyone.

    Hi Anna,
    Oh no, sorry to hear you are feeling ill, I hope you get it all out of the way before Christmas! I do think you will like this palette, I added a little pic of it applied on one eye. 2 weeks seems an awful long time, where did you order it from ?
    LOL at swinest, some of those words are so bizarre, I can’t tell you how many times I get them wrong though and have to keep re-trying, thats not good is it! x

    Hi Jen,
    It is lovely, so great to put on when you can’t decide what makeup you want to wear.

    Hi Jane,
    Oh, I was going to get that Belize pencil, glad I didn’t know, does it move all over the place if you use a base under it ?

    Hi Lakshmi,
    Do you have the same issues with the Belize pencil like Jane above you does? I would say there were more completly matte than demi, although I may have to re-check this in better light as I am sure Becca has them listed as demi.
    I've not tried the shimmering skin perfector, might have to look into that, I do like the beach tint I have, I just don't reach for it that much for some reason, might be because I have too much stuff and certain things seem to get hidden ;) x

  9. Hi Replica! I like the look you came up with, very subtle and pretty! I can't say I've had the same problems as Jane with the Belize pencil, because I haven't worn just that yet. I did find both the pencils to be very creamy and smudgable though.. I guess I should lay down a proper base or set them with a powder eyeshadow.

  10. I know that problem, your pic is fine! My camera is really screwed up even though it's a Canon. Don't know why I can't get sharp pictures of the actual colours... it's annoying!
    You blended the shades very well, I can see that crystal clear :) Have a great night, Sam xx

  11. I'm sure I did use a base but I know it wasn't TFSI. I need to try a few things but as it was moving as soon as I applied, I think even with a base it's going to move after a couple of hours. As Lakshmi says, the texture is very creamy.

    The 'purple' end is also black and I've struggled to see the violet at all. I need to have a play with it tomorrow and will be reporting back on the results.
    Jane x

  12. Hi Lakshmi,
    Thanks ;) if you do use the pencil on its own I'll be interested to hear if its creases on you x

    Hi Sam,
    Thank you, I am getting closer to buying one of those daylight lamps just for taking makeup pictures.. is that wrong ;)

    Hi Jane,
    Just saw your post, we must find a way to make it work for you! x

  13. Desperate to get my hands on this palette. Great swatches! x

  14. It is such a great, handy to have palette, so easy to wear :)


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