Friday 24 December 2010

Sisley Nutritive Lip Balm

* I hope you all have a lovely break over the Christmas period x *

Priced at £37.50, I can safely say this is my most expensive lip balm. To be honest, when I picked this up it was because there was a very good skincare GWP on (this was a while ago before you get excited) which I wanted to give to my Mum. A skincare item was required so I scanned around for one of their more cheaper options and had remembered hearing a few raves about this balm on some of my favourite blogs. It was worth paying over the odds to get the GWP, “a Sprat to catch a mackerel” as my mother would say.
The texture of this is quite firm and it feels really smooth. There is no greasiness or overly slippery feel to it like a lot of balm's suffer from and it has no scent or taste. Its extremely comfortable, even on broken skin. As a result of the thickness it lasts really well.
Here is how it looks in the pot, it does come with a spatula but you can see I have rather ungracefully dunked my finger in it:
However, in terms of results, whilst this is the best potted lip balm I have tried I would not say that the overall effect of the product beats my Malin + Goetz lip moisturiser. I’ve used both as an over night treatment and would say that feel in a similar condition in the morning.
This is a lovely balm but my Malin + Goetz costs £9 so the Sisley will not be a re-buy for me (unless of course I need to qualify for a GWP again).


  1. This is a really good lip balm, but I also only buy when I need a skincare item for a GWP. I'm swearing by Lanolips, I did like that M&G a lot too though, I think I bought it after you recommended it either early this year or last year.

  2. Is it wrong that I'm now fancying the Malin + Goetz? I'm fairly reluctant to part with much cash for lipbalms. Not really because I object to spendy but because the most effective night treatment I've ever used is Lansinoh! Nothing else really seems to match up. I am pleased to have discovered Lanolips though as it's easier to carry around in your bag than nipple cream ;)

    Have a fantastic Christmas! I'm sure we'll reconvene at some point on Boxing day to compare the Zuneta sale damage!
    Jane x

  3. I think I will have to try the M+G Lip Moisturizer, because I've read very good reviews of it (including here on your blog).
    The lip balm that I really liked was the Dermalogica Age Smart one - I only had a sample and really don't want to purchase it because it costs more than 20 GBP for less than 2 mls!!
    So, next on my list might be the M+G or the Nude lip balm.
    Hope you had a lovely holiday as well.


  4. Hi Grace,
    It would be funny if there are lots of people who buy it to qualify for a GWP. I still have not got round to trying Lanolips, will have to check it out soon x

    Hi Jane,
    I don't think I would dare carry aound nipple cream, just in case someone saw! I'm just having a look at the Zuneta sale now! x

    Hi Klara,
    2mls seems a tiny amount for that price, I do think the M&G is worth a go. I've not tried the Nude one, however I like the little square packaging :)

  5. Ooh I really like this Sisley lip balm but if you say the Malin & Goetz one is just as good, I'll have to check it out when my Sisley pot runs out.

  6. Hello Beauty Scribbler,
    Yes, although the textures are very different I do find the results just as good, if you go for the M&G I'll be interested to see how you find it compares to the Sisley.


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