Sunday 19 December 2010

SHU UEMURA Abracadabra Fantasy Holiday collection: Reindeer Kiss Palette

I am bemused with the price change which seems to have occurred with the Holiday Shu palettes so I'll get that out of the way first. When I bought it from the Shu UK website it was priced at £49, luckily there was a promo on so I got it for £36.75, however after I placed my order I noticed that all three online UK sites that stocked these had them changed to £39, I think its ridiculous that had you been one of the people who bought this palette early you would be hit with this £10 variant.
An impulse late night online purchase, when I opened up this palette I had doubts as I thought it would apply bright and chalky, however on application this was not the case.
It contains three eyeshadows: aqua blue, shimmery/metallic silver, sheer mint with a tiny bit of sparkle. One blush: cool toned baby pink in colour, it does not applied as bright in the pan. An extremely sheer shimmery buttercup cream highlighter and medium brown cream eye shadow/liner.
With its pastel hues the colour combination is more an associated spring look. Its a very fresh, youthful array of shades.
Performance wise I have to wear a base to get these to last and the highlighter is so sheer on me its almost redundant.

I wouldn't necessarily wear the colours combined as below but I wanted to show you what all the eye colours and highlighter looked like together, you'll notice that the cream shadow transferred a bit onto the upper lid.
The look is the mint on the inner lid, silver in middle,brown cream shadow on outer lid and to line, blue in crease and highlighter used under the brow bone.
Here are the ingredients:
Overall I am quite happy with this palette, the colours make a change from my usual and a shade or two combined with my normal colours will add a bit of brightness, its only the highlighter which was disappointing.


  1. Ah this is on my Space NK wishlist too. Plus the other one, the bow wow one. I also noticed the £10 difference, and found it interesting that it was only on one of the two palettes. I have no idea why.

    Looks lovely anyway!

  2. They recently had a 30% off sale which would've mad it a total bargain. I was very unsure of the colours though (what, me, scared of colours? how unshocking!!). I absolutely love the look you did though. You're like a beautiful Ice Queen! You are so talented at seeing how to pair colours.
    Jane x

  3. I think that's v pretty! Like Jane stated it's so very Ice Queen. I love the packaging on it- sort of whimsical and fun. x jeanie

  4. Hi Charlie,
    It is a bit odd about the pricing, I'll be interested to see if it happens again with future collections. I wonder if your Space NK wishlist is as long as mine! ;)

    Hi Jane,
    I think it was a 25%, too good to pass up really! LOL at the Ice Queen, although it does have that icy look about it,guess it fits well with our current weather! I'm glad you like it and really appreciate your compliment, I wasn't too sure about posting it TBH as thought my application was a bit shoddy! x

    Hi Jeanie,
    Thanks, your right it is very fun packaging, doesn't quite fit in with my other makeup mind you :) x

  5. Not shoddy at all! It's lovely. I might have tweeted a link to this post and that might have been re-tweeted by Shu Uemura....

  6. aww, thanks, thats really kind. I think I am a bit out of the picture with the tweeting world, don't think I should join though as probably would never get off it x

  7. You're probably right to stay away. It's very addictive!!

  8. Love this palette , its look so soft and cute

  9. Hi Shaimaa,
    It is very cute, I can see myself getting more use out of this in the spring :)


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