Friday 31 December 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Liner Brush, Large Shader Brush & Loose Glitter Pigments EOTD

Adding to my RBR brush collection, I bought the eye liner brush 013 (£15) and large shader brush 003 (£25).

I wanted a brush to use with my gel liners and the 013 brush works a treat. The hair is natural sable and it has a a very thin long tip so is great to create a fine line. I would say that after your wash it you need to smooth the hairs down to make sure that when its dry it keeps its shape.
The shader brush is made of natural pony hair. Its quite a thick textured brush and the head size is medium (bigger than a MAC 239 but smaller than their 227). Its not too soft, nor too firm and I realised how versatile it was after I had unwittingly washed nearly all of my eye brushes and this was the only one clean and dry; it applied my all over shadow, lid shade and crease shade effortlessly.
I thought I’d show you a really simple look I have been doing of late with some of my RBR Loose Glitter Pigments.
Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree on the inner lid, Wishing For Wings in the middle and Spun from Sunny Seawater on the outer lid, then I blend it all down so the colours are more subtle but I don't blend the colours too much into each other as I wanted to keep them quite separate. I really like these pigments, the application, colours and wear of the product beat all other loose shadows I have tried.

I bought all these items from


  1. Ugh! I want those brushes. You are such a temptress! That eye look is simply stunning too. May I ask what you lined your eyes with? Is it the LMDB? It looks great.

    Happy New Year xx

  2. ....I just put an order in. Oh the power of your beautiful eye make up and white wine ;)....
    Jane x

  3. Hi Jane,
    LOL, alcohol and online shopping can have interesting consequences :) Thank you, the liner was the RBR Anthracite Essence. Well now, tell me what you ordered! Happy New Year to you too x

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    Thanks, its so quick to do as well :)

  4. You look so cute here ,
    I loved the colour comb

  5. I ordered Delicata blush, the eyeshadow brush, bejewelled skylark and Hourglass Fresco. I can't wait for that order to arrive! x

  6. Hi Shaimaa,
    Thanks so much x

    Hello Jane,
    Great choices, I think you should be happy with all of those, will look forward to your reviews x


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