Wednesday 1 December 2010

Le Métier de Beauté True Colour Eyeshadow in Mulberry

The majority of brown toned shades are warm toned, against my cool toned skin they are often unflattering. Mulberry is a welcome addition to my collection. This leans cool in tone. Its a sheer delicate brown with a very subtle touch of pink with a gentle sheen/glow.
I'd finished up the shade in Naked I had bought so was extremely pleased to receive another one. I tend to go through base shades very quickly and Naked is a great neutral off white.
Paired together and we have an delicate, subtle natural look.
All my Le Metier shadows offer buildable coverage,blend with ease and last well. The texture feels lightweight, smooth and silky.
I bought some (read some as quite a lot) Le Metier items from Selfridges now that they have the brand online (I notice Le Metier has disappeared from the Liberty website). I'll be showing you these soon, one of the items is the Peau Vierge complexion corrector which I have high hopes for.

Disclaimer: These two eyeshadows were sent to me for free.


  1. Can you believe I was actually considering Mulberry??? It looks really pretty, subtle but noticeable on you...and you got the PV as well! I am really interested to hear your thoughts on it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and that you see the same benefits.

  2. Mulberry looks lovely. I know exactly what you mean about warm browns too. I struggled for years to find browns that would work for me. Naked looks useful too. I use these sorts of colour a lot too, I have a big hole in Brule.

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your other purchases :)
    Jane x

  3. Mulberry is nice on you. Thanks for posting because until now I thought it was a lavender shade, not brown!

  4. Both shades look v nice w your skin tone. I really like the look of Naked (guess it's going on *the* list). I can't wait to read your thoughts on the PV as well. x jeanie

  5. Hi Nina,
    Its the Peau Vierge concealer I got, I thought you had the face one only for some reason. I used it today and its too dark on me so will have to do some tweaking! x

    Hi Jane,
    I can't even think if I have brule, I know I have a MAC 15 pan lurking somewhere! I think you would like Mulberry, although you may find it a tad sheer. x

    Hi Joolz,
    Thanks,You know I hadn't even thought of that, does seem an odd choice for the shade :)

    Hi Jeanie,
    Thank you, I imagine your list is as scary as mine, always worse when you start adding up how much it would cost to get the entire lot! x

  6. Ooops, my bad! I mistakenly thought you referred to the face one, which is indeed the only PV product I own and use. I toyed with the idea of the concealer as well, but, in the end I just could not face the expense of both products...
    Well now, I am even more interested in your comments, although I'm sorry to hear the colour is somewhat dark for you.

  7. Interesting that Mulberry is cool on you. It looks beautiful, exactly how I hoped it would look on me. I sometimes think mine is mislabeled, but I wonder if my skin tone is affecting the finish. My skin is pink-porcelain, and I am cool, but my eyelids do weird things to colors. I think I also read a review by you on Ellis Faas E106, which looked pinkish brown, but on me (like Mulberry) it looked orangy brown. I really need to consider wearing a neutral base because I am jealous of everyone loving Mulberry--an eyeshadow I own and never wear.

  8. Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    I have heard from others that some eyeshadows have been mislabelled from Le Metier, does yours look the same as my product pic?
    I often get the curse of the orangy brown colour, especially from Bobbi Brown. I think maybe I lucked out with the Ellis Faas.
    With my powder shadows I always use an ivory/cream type base to even my eyelids.

  9. No, my Mulberry pan looks like a warm golden brown, not like your picture, where I see a soft mauve taupe. :( I bought mine at Nordstrom ages ago, so it looks like I am stuck with this one, but maybe I should try again.

    Bobbi Brown, yes! I adore her shadows in the pan, but they oxidize on me something fierce. It's good to know you are using a base. I should always, as well. I love how Paula Dorf primer evens it all out. In any case, I just ordered Naked and Jojo! I can't believe I am getting so excited about a base color, but I am really excited about Naked. Thanks for the great review. :)

  10. Hi,
    It does sound like it is a different shade, I know Le metier does have some warm browns, I think tamarack and riverstone are meant to be,you could take your eyeshadow out with you when you are next at a Le Metier counter and do a compare to see if it is another shade :)
    So we both have the BB problem then, I unfortunately bought a whole load of shades at the same time so was miffed that they "turned" on me ;)
    I really hope you will like Naked and I'll look forward to hearing about Jojo as that is a shade I like the look of :)

  11. I can't wait to get my new LMdB shadows, and yes, I will take Mulberry out with me next time I am at the counter. Maybe I'll take pictures and blog about my Faux Mulberry, lol.

    I had to break up with Bobbi, but I still wear her cream shadows. I really like Cement, Heather, Slate, and Ash.


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