Sunday 5 December 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge: recent acquisitions

As RBR is one of my favourite brands, when I heard that Secret Sales had a 50% off sale on for a selection of their products I hastily placed an order before it all sold out.
RBR make beautiful lipsticks. They are smooth, comfortable and provide great hydration/moisture. In these winter months, they are a must have for me and I always apply one before walking home from work so that my lips don’t feel chapped/dry by the time I get home.
Sheer lipstick in shade Jasmine-weighted Air, applies as a sheer glossy apricot with gold shimmer (it does look a lot brighter in the tube than it applies). Colour Burst Lipstick in shade Love Triangle is a delicate, warmed rosewood with subtle shimmer.
Lip Gloss in Counting Wishes is a glossy, shimmered sheer garnet.
Its an easy to wear pretty shade although the texture is a bit more tacky that I usually would go for.
Eye Khol in Selene is a rich deep forest green. RBR eye liners are creamy, have great pigmentation and last.
Swatches of the gloss and Khol:
I was slightly bemused as to how I would wear Long-lasting Eye Shadow in Tantalizing Lovebird.
Its a pink with a slight coral tone and it has a glowy finish rather than shimmer. I am surprised how much I like this, I think it looks really nice in the crease when combined with a more neutral lid shade.
As is always the case in sales you end up buying things you wouldn’t have necessarily considered. That said, even though some of these are not the normal shade I would go for, RBR has not let me down and I am extremely pleased with all my items.

Rouge bunny Rouge is available from

RBR currently have a sweepstake promotion on their Facebook page,


  1. I really refret not having got a lipstick, I just thought they colours would be wrong for me. Jasmine Weighted Air looks right up my street and I could kick myself. I also bought several things from the sale but although the quality can't be disputed, I wish I'd chosen more carefully as now I have items I'm not sure what to do with.

  2. I got the Counting Wishes lipgloss too as well as a couple of others and also Tantalising Lovebird e/s. I love the Selene eyeliner, beautiful colour as some of these sort of greens lean blue but this appears all green.

  3. The kohl in Selene is lovely and I really like Love Triangle. It looks like you picked a good selection. I've been really pleased with Sketches on Water so I must thank you again for your review :). The jury is still out on whether or not I can pull off Know What Lies are For....
    Jane x

  4. Counting Wishes looks so promising! Unfortunately, I'm in the States. Any idea when/if we'll get Rouge Bunny?

  5. You can order RBR online from Zuneta xx

  6. What lovely choices Replica!
    In fact, such lovely choices that I went and ordered Selene myself...I totally blame YOU (and Jane, as I also ordered the Gracious Arasari eyeshadow that got)!
    You ladies are ruining me (and I love you for it!
    Nina x

  7. Hi Charlie,
    Jasmine Weighted Air is really nice, quite sheer though, I think I could happily have all their lipsticks tbh, although that might be a bit greedy :)

    Hi Meeta,
    yes, it is a very green green if you know what I mean :) I wished I'd picked up some more of the liners as well really!

    Hello Jane,
    I am glad you are liking Sketches on Water, I think I would have felt bad if you hadn't ;)
    I still think the Know What Lies are For works for you, I think you are like me though and tend to veer towards similar lipstick colours and feel odd when you deviate x

    Hello Joolz,
    As per Camillia's comment below you can get RBR from Zuneta, they are a lovely company to buy from, always hear raves about their service.
    In terms of RBR launching in America I've not heard that its in the near future I'm afraid.

    Hi Nina,
    HA, the power I have ;) well lets just hope you like the liner now! Let me know what you think of it when you get it x

  8. I have it and I love it! It is perfect for my hazel/brown eyes.
    I did the most lovely look with it and a combination of Gracious Aragari (as base colour) and E. Bess Intimate as accent. Quite lovely and demure with just a flash of green (if I say so myself lol).
    Very-very happy! I forgive you... :-)))

  9. I'm imagining that look and it sounds absolutely amazing Nina. I'm glad we put temptation in your path! I'm very tempted by both Intimate and the liner after hearing about your lovely combination!

    You're right Replica, I have variations on two basic themes that I'm comfortable with in terms of lipsticks. Anything outside of that and I think people are staring at my lips!

    Jane x

  10. Hi Nina,
    That combo of colours sounds lovely, I'll have to try it! Speaking of EB they should have the new lip and gloss shades up on Zuneta soon, I'd like to tell myself I won't end up buying them all... ;P

    Hi Jane,
    I know what you mean, although I feel like I am getting stared at more now, unless I am getting paranoid in my old age ;)


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