Friday, 17 December 2010

Hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara

I’ve been through a rather expensive search to find the perfect mascara. My problem stems from needing it all.
I want length,volume, curl but without any of the negatives ( clumping, smudging, flaking, irritation).
I bought the new Film Noir mascara from Hourglass (£21). It lengthens, lifts, gives volume and also doesn’t make my lashes feel crunchy. I get no irritation,smudges or flakes and don’t have to keep applying layers to get a required result.
The colour is a really good true inky black.
Here is a picture of me wearing it (its also the mascara I have had on in I think all of my EOTD's since October)

Is this the perfect mascara..almost..I would say that it sometimes clumps a bit if I apply it at a certain angle, am I being ridiculously picky, of course, but with all my cosmetics I am striving towards finding those that are 100% perfect for me. The Hourglass one is very nearly there, and certainly one of the best mascara's I have used to date. I’ll most likely try new releases here and there from other brands but unless I find something that it better, this will be a re-buy for me.

I bought this from Zuneta, who stock Hourglass exclusively for us in the UK (they also ship internationally)


  1. From yours and Modesty Brown's pics wearing this mascara it really does look so black and the brush looks rather good. I am very tempted to try an Hourglass mascara but I have become rather fond of the NARS Larger Than Life lengthening that I am using at the moment. I am wondering if I could ever be faithful to one mascara though!

  2. I love this and honestly wasn't expecting to at all when I first start using it. I'm so pleased you've liked using it too. It doesn't tick every box for me but it ticks so many, I really shouldn't complain. Especially as it doesn't end up giving me panda eyes like everything else I've ever used.

    Mine really needs replacing and I think I just need to bite the bullet and get a new one.
    Jane x

  3. Thank you for the review. I haven't tried Hourglass yet, but I have heard good things, so this is going on my list.

    Another mascara I might suggest that meets some of those same concerns for me is Bobbi Brown's Extreme Party mascara. I am always amazed that my lashes are soft after two coats, but yet doesn't flake or smudge! The drawback is it doesn't lengthen as much as I'd like, but many mascaras don't.

  4. First off I'd like to say, pretty eye makeup as usual!! What is it that you're wearing?? Then...can I be honest? I can see you have pretty long eyelashes in the bottom pic, but the "I'm staring at you through the keyhole" close-up :P doesn't do your lashes justice, I think! They look thick and really black though, which is great, and the non-flaking is always a major asset! Still on my no-mascara buy project, so still on my same trusted mascaras! xxx

  5. Anna, I hear you. The mascara definitely doesn't do everything. My lashes don't look longer or thicker with this mascara but the deep black and in particular the non-smudging are actually more appealing than I thought they would be. I've never had a mascara that didn't smudge before in my life! I have a feeling this is one that would work well layered with others. I've not tried it yet myself but as it's so soft, I think it would work ok.

  6. Hi Meeta,
    Yes, I'm not good about being faithful to mascara, the only ones I can think of was Armani starlash and Fresh firebird that I re-bought quite a lot. I do think this Hourglass one is worth a try, perhaps Zuneta might have samples if it ?

    Hi Jane,
    I think this is a mascara that isn't going to let you down if you know what I mean. I'm pretty sure I have been bought the new Armani Excess one for Christmas so will be interesting to see how they compare x

    Hi Joolz,
    I don't think I have tried a BB mascara before but I'll have a look at that one when I am next at their counter.
    Hourglass is a lovely brand, definitely list worthy ;)

    Hi Anna,
    You made me have a closer look at my big scary eye pic and you are right because the angle I took it at, the lashes just come straight at you so it doesn't show it to its full effect, I really get annoyied with myself when I post bad pictures, so I have taken it down as its not a good reflection on the product.
    My eyeshadow is RBR Tantalizing Lovebird in the crease and on the lid but also mixed with a bit of my new Le Metier setting powder on the lid only (I'll review that soon)to lighten it.
    I am very impressed you are still on your no buy, I think I would be pushed to last 2 weeks! x


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