Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bobbi Brown Holiday Sparkle Glamour quad

I'm not entirely sure of the thought process I went through when I picked up the Sparkle Glamour quad (£30), I wasn't expecting to see the holiday collection so early and had not yet seen any reviews so did a "this looks nice and shiny" panic buy.
The quad consists of four new shades of sparkle shadows; Pink Glitter, Smoky, Moonlight and Sandy. I'm not sure which shade is which but it contains a champagne, beige, brown and dark grey/ brown.
The shades have quite good pigmentation compared to the other sparkle shades from BB I have tried but you do need to press the shadows on rather than sweep. The palette has a little gold overlay around the edges of the shades.
Here is how it looks after being used a bit
If you are not familiar with my cosmetics likes I will tell you now that I am not really a fan of over the top sparkle nor glitter and these are chocked full of it (again I reiterate I don't know why I bought this) .
I do quite like the finished look, and it does give a nice sparkle smokey look and I can see it would be nice layered over other shadows.
Unfortunately I get massive fall out with this. I usually do my eye make up first, cleanse my face then do the rest of my makeup but I still end up with glitter everywhere. The worse thing for me was that yesterday I wore it for a longer period (over 6 hours) and I don't know if its because I wear contacts, but I must have got some in my eyes and it was extremely painful, I had to take contacts out and get all the makeup off but my eyes still feel irritated now, I have had glitter from some of UD's more glitter shadows go in my eyes before but have never had this much irritation. It was painful enough that I will definitely not be using these dry again, when my eyes feel better I will try using it again over a cream base to see if its gets the glitter to stick to it.
So not my best move, I think if you do like sparkle and neutral shades, this would be really nice but I would say to use a cream base with them as I wouldn't want you to go through the eye irritation I got.
What I should have got instead was the Modern Classic Lip and Eye Palette palette. Sabrina did a lovely review here and Pretty Addicted! did a really helpful review here,


  1. Can't wait to try them, thank you!

  2. I've been there before. You see something...get all panicy and then just BUY BUY BUY!!! lol The finished look does look rather gorgeous but it's definitely not worth the pain. Hope your eyes feel better soon!

  3. Your look is lovely and it's right up my alley!
    I loathe fallout, to help *clean- up* a bit I use a little scotch tape to pick up what I can on my face and under my eye area.

    Thanks for the post and loads of eye healing vibes! x jeanie

  4. What a pity! For, trust us, it looks absolutely gorgeous on...hope your eyes are better very soon :-)))

  5. Ouch! That sounds so painful. I think the eye look you did is lovely but as I'm not a sparkles fan, I think I'll give this a miss. I hadn't even realised they'd released a new collection. Thanks for the review as always.
    Jane x

  6. Well, it seems you've not had much luck with BB at all in the last few even dissuaded me from getting the velvet shadows and then you fall for glittery stuff yourself!!!!! As usual, though, the application is flawless and stunning! xx

  7. Your EOTD looks fabulous! It's a shame about the fallout though ... I was eyeing this one, but will probably pass on it now. I LOATHE fallout, and I also wear contact lenses. I hope your eye feels better soon!

    Thank you for the review and for linking to my post :)

  8. Hello Ballet News,
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Ms Wedgie,
    Glad I am not alone in my buying habits :) thanks for your comment about the look, slightly worried about using it again though!

    Hi jeanie,
    Thanks for the vibes, seems fine now, thanks for the scotch tape suggestion, hadn't thought about that.

    Hello Nina,
    Thanks, wished I hadn't got it now! see this is what happens when I impulse buy x

    Hello Jane,
    I think the modern lip and eye palette might be worth a look, I'm hoping one of those 10% off things will come along. Thinking about it out of the whole collection I think I managed to pick out the item that was the most "un me" thing, you have to wonder really! x

    Hello Anna,
    Guess its do as I say not as I do ;) I think my lunch time trips to the cosmetic counters seem to end very wrong, probably because I am rushing and not thinking straight! thanks so much for your lovely comment x

    Hello Pretty Addicted,
    Thanks,not worth the pain of it though! I think it is one for you to miss. The one you have it much more my type of thing :)

  9. I love this quad but hate the overload of sparkles it has, I use it wet and i find the sparkles stay on better and the pigment is much much better, made me fall in love again after using wet.

  10. Hi Mona,
    I haven't braved using it again, but when I do will go with your suggestion of using it wet, as I do really like the colours :)


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