Friday, 29 October 2010

Hourglass Femme Rouge and No. 4 Crease Brush

Soon after buying two of the new Hourglass Femme Rouge lipsticks I was already contemplating what other shades I "had" to get. I decided on Fresco (£22) and as Zuneta were still doing the buy two or more Hourglass products and receive a free Adorn lipstick, it would have been wrong not to get something else. I was all set to put shade Edition in my basket then noticed that they now stocked the brushes so went for the No. 4 Crease Brush (£22) instead.
The lipstick has good pigmentation, feels creamy and quite moisturising and applies really smooth.
I have tried a lot of rose colours that are either:too warm,too pink,too red or too brown, but this is just right and gives a beautiful dewy non shimmered rose lip.
The crease brush is made of synthetic fibers. It feels very soft and where it excels is when using a darker crease shade as it blends the colour extremely well. It applies to the contours precisely and is quite a fool proof brush I think.
My only slight issue is that it is a bit lose in the barrel so I hope it doesn't one day fling off!
Now the Adorn lipstick I got as part of the promo is the shade Icon, when I opened the tube and looked at this no holds barred red I felt a bit scared and when I tried it on I felt terrified!
This is not just the reddest red I have come across but is also very bright, it really makes me think of a snow white lip shade. The colour is really pretty but there is no way I can pull this off, I tried using it with a bit of a gloss to tone it down but its so pigment rich it didn't work, definitely one for those who like a bold lip.
Swatches below, don't think I'll need to tell you which one is which :)
I think the Buy two products and receive a free Adorn lipstick is still on and I am tempted as I really want to get Edition femme rouge but I have a feeling the promo may not last that much longer so grab it while you can, and if you end up with Icon as your free shade let me know how you make it work for you!


  1. I think both these shades are rather lovely. I like a pinkier red, although I would probably never wear it. I think the only way to wear a red is to wear it on its own with perfect skin, no blush, perfect eyebrows and the slickiest slick of mascara - maybe a smidge of gloss (clear) on the eyelids. The quality of the lipsticks looks beautiful even on the swatch - I got an Edward Bess and was deeply disappointed, I couldn't get over the scent. Thanks for the post and pics. Jan x

  2. lovely post! I know it shouldnt matter at all but I'd actually be tempted to buy the 1st lip stick simply because of the pattern - it looks really interesting.

    The brush shape looks perfect so I'm looking forward to seeing if it holds up to lots of use! Nothing more annoying that a brush that sheds the bristled :)

  3. I really love the way you photograph products hon...and this red is drop-dead-gorgeous. A strong red lip requires a lot of prep (not to mention coordinating with the rest of the makeup and outfit) but can be so very rewarding.
    Fresco looks very nice, but next to the show-stopping red, well, it's no contest really :-)
    Have a great weekend!
    Nina x

  4. Hi

    I just received Femme Rouge in Grace a few days ago. While I like the color (although, it was a little light on me)the formula chapped my lips out after a few wearings- boo hoo. I loved the packaging and the future potential for bullet refills but I'm going to return it to Sephora (they are v easy with returns).
    I still have yet to pick up a Burberry bullet- do you think the Burberry formula is more moisturizing than the Hourglass?

    The brush you ordered looks fab! x jeanie

    I love the look of fresco- accckk! I wish this didn't dry me out so bad.

  5. Hi Jan,
    On no, such a shame about the EB, the scent is strong, I can imagine its very much a love or hate sort of thing.
    I think you are right about the way to wear a red, I have bad skin so maybe thats why they never look good on me.

    Hi All Made Up,
    I hadn't even thought about the pattern until you mentioned it, it is nice though, makes it stand out a bit. I do really like the brush but will see how well it holds up before buying another one.

    Hi Nina,
    Thats really nice of you to say, I do struggle with my photos and wasn't 100% happy with these ones tbh, I think I either need a better camera or someone else to take my photos for me ;)

    Hi Jeanie,
    On thats such a shame, you know I find a lot of lipsticks drying but these are fine on me, although I would say they all vary a bit in terms of moisture, my shade in Whisper is the most moisturing of the three and Nocturnal is the dryer out of them. In terms of comparing with Burberry, the Burberry have a bit more slip so may initially feel more moisturising but I wouldn't say they are a really mositure rich lipstick. Have you tried RBR colour burst lipsticks as I'd say they are the most moisturing lipsticks I have tried.

  6. Glad to see you managed to contain the excitement and opened the lipstick carefully this time: no chewed ending!!! I recently bought a reddish lippie thinking I'd be able to make it work but it is far too bold for me, little shrinking violet that I am! But Fresco looks really pretty and the brush looks like another one of your little purring kitten tails (hope you remember what I'm referring to otherwise this might sound crazy!!) xxx

  7. Hi Anna,
    yes, I know what you are referring to and don't think you have just lost it ;)
    I do think you would like Fresco, perhaps that can pop in your basket next time you order from Zuneta ;)x

  8. Fresco looks lovely, the brush sounds great too. Icon looks like a great red but it's not an everyday sort of colour.

    As an aside, I wore Le Metier Champagne today. I love it. Such a great taupe shade. I used it as a base for my eyeshadows but I agree with the MUA, this will be perfect for wearing on it's own when I'm in a rush (most of the time).
    Jane x

  9. love the colour of icon but i do like a really bright red.

  10. Hi Jane,
    I'm sure you would like fresco. I've added that Champagne to my list, I was wondering about trying the Eye brightening and setting powder have you tried that at all ?

    Hello FunnyFaceBeauty,
    It is a very much look at me colour, don't think I would dare wear it out though :)

  11. I hadn't seen the Eye brightening and setting powder but that looks very interesting. With our undereye needs this sounds worth a try. I'll have a look next time I'm in Selfridges and report back x


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