Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia

Having been impressed with the improvement of performance/quality with the new singles shadows created under Tom Pecheux, I picked up the Blue Dahlia eyeshadow palette (£34).
It contains a teal, shimmery taupe, deep smoky navy with shimmer, sheer white base with sparkle, matte black.
Swatches below: far left is the sheer white, I wasn't kidding when I said sheer.
Its a good all round palette, the white sparkle shade could have done with some pigment, but overall pigment, blendability and wear of the palette is really good, you can get quite a few looks with this and for those who don't usually go for brighter shades the blue and teals are extremely wearable.
I also bought the pure colour gloss stick in Rose Dusk (£17), its a neutral pink, not really unique and feels slightly tacky.
Sadly its no longer with us as my little Boy destroyed it in outrage as I deigned to attempt to give him a haircut, so this picture is all I have left, and everytime I look at my boys lop sided bowl cut, I will be reminded of this lipstick....


  1. I *love* that eye look on you. Really beautiful. Too bad about the lipstick - how did he get hold of it? :D

  2. Thanks Grace :) apparently my unit where I keep some of my makeup on is no longer out of his reach! From now on I'll try to push it all right to the back, I think I need something lockable! He has a thing about lipsticks and does a lightening grab with them, almost had an incident at my mums today with one of her Chanel ones!

  3. Oh no! Darn those growth spurts! ;)

  4. LOOOOOOOOOOL......I'm still laughing with the mental film of the incident :-)))
    Still, I suppose that the lopsided bowl cut might give him pause to think in the future???
    And yes, I agree with Grace, that look is fantastic on you! I especially love the bold lining, so fresh...
    Nina x

  5. Very pretty look! The pop of teal looks great. :)

  6. Those eyeshadow colours are gorgeous!

  7. That looks amazing, there's no wonder your Mum corrects SAs when the someone else is getting credit for your work. The palette is beautiful and I will admit, your eye look is the nicest way I've seen it worn. Am I right in thing the sheer white has teal sparkles in it?

    I'm sorry to hear about the lipsticks. The small people have special ways to make us pay! Bet the haircut looks great. My advice is lock everything up and strap him in to a hair chair next time. Make sure you keep the Tom Ford at the very back of the dresser too!
    Jane x

  8. The look is gorgeous on you! I didn't find the pigmentation very good when I swatched it last time, but you made it sound so awesome.

  9. Thanks Nina, I do quite like doing a more noticable liner sometimes. I don't think he is old enough yet to appreciate the true greatness of the cut, my husband said the ladies at nursery made a few comments about it though!
    Le Metier is up on Selfridges, can't work out if the lip kit is the one for Fall though ? x

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    Thanks, I do have a bit of a weakness for teals ;)

    Hi Funnyfacebeauty,
    They do work so well together, worth having a look at,especially if its EL gift time :)

    Hi Jane,
    Funny you should say that as this was the makeup I was wearing when my Mum corrected that SA! Glad you like it, yes the white does have teal sparkles, just a shame the base wasn't pigmented.
    I look forward when I can take him to a hairdresser but don't think they would accept him at the moment, I had put on my new Hourglass lipstick this morning and he half got hold of it when I went to put it down, I think I slighty screamed inside x

    Hello Kristie,
    Thanks so much! I do like it a lot more than I thought I would.

  10. aww haha rip lipstick. I keep seeing this palette and reminding myself that i already have too many blues lol also, about the white sparkly shade, I have heard several people say it makes an interesting layering shade as it adds a kind of blue sparkle/irridescence. Maybe worth a try :)

  11. Hi Luv2smilexo,
    Thanks for the tip, I will give layering a try :)


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