Wednesday 20 October 2010

Dior Holiday 2010: Red Cannage Travel Eye Palette

Although I am pretty much out of my somewhat short, but very expensive Dior phase, I do like to keep an eye on the brands releases and do still pick up a few items here and there. There was no testers out for the holiday sets, however having bought them in the past I knew the pictures of the back of the packaging would be a good representation.

This palette (£35) contains a deep gunmetal , matte smoky brown, shimmery/frosty silver taupe and sheer shimmery/frosty pink. This is a very cool toned palette.
On my first use I remember the main reason I went off Dior shadows and that is the frostiness of the iridescent shades. That is not to say that the colours are not richly pigmented and really rather pretty, but just that I do have trouble pulling off such a frosty look and am not keen on the finished result.
I have not tried their new line of single shades and had assumed this would be made up of the newer shades, however it contains the following shades, #071, #676, iridescent #752 and #822, which I think maybe from the old line up ? If there is a Dior expert out there I would be interested to know.
I am looking forward to the release of their main holiday collection as I have my eye on the Czarina Gold nail varnish which looks stunning,


  1. Hi
    Thanks for the post and photos(this would have been a holiday lemming of mine), I love Dior palettes but you are correct some of the colors are rather frosty. I do like the look you created, I think it's very pretty- but I do understand what you mean about seeing the frost and not loving it on oneself.
    Czarina Gold is totally on my wish list- it looks absolutely stunning! jeanie

  2. I too have seen the stuff on Sabrina's blog and I'm also lemming Czarina Gold as well as the quint!! I don't mind a bit of frost on my eyes, as long as it's still quite sheer, but perhaps that's how I feel with the dim lighting in my bathroom, I really have no idea what I look like in direct sunlight with frosty lids, I try not to look too closely at myself when I'm out and about, I always look a bit like a dishevelled mommy!! Anyway, frosty is IN this week, especially in the UK!! No idea about old or new shades, though, sorry! xxx
    PS: boy's ok, fever only lasted 24h!

  3. I don't usually go for palettes - there are always colours in palettes that I'm like "hmm... not sure I'd ever use that one".. but I love all the shades in this one (well, from your photos anyway)! Dior make the prettiest palettes I find... I don't know what it is about them but just looking at the pictures make my heart leap.

  4. A nice selection of shades. I think the look you've done is very nice but I know what you mean about frosty shades. I tend to give them a wide berth too.
    Jane x

  5. Thanks for the review hun!!That palette looks gorgeous!!And all of the colours,really favs for winter!!!

  6. I think it looks gorgeous on you! I also am not a fan of Dior shadows because of the frostiness and oops! I have to say that you may think the light color on the NARS Tzarine duo too frosty! Comparing the two though, I still think Dior is more frosty.

  7. Lovely EOTD! Can you do a breakdown of which shadow you used on which part of the eyelid? i'm an amateur at eyeshadows :P


  8. Hello Jeanie,
    Thanks, other than the nail polish do you think you will pick up anything else from their holiday collection ?

    Hi Anna,
    So glad his fever past!
    I wonder if Czarina Gold will be a sell out, pretty sure it will be limited edition.
    I'm the same about not looking too closely at myself when I'm out,if I do catch a glace I always seems to look quite red in the face and like I haven't slept in a year,lovely! x

    Hi Beauty Scribbler,
    I was quite tempted by thelarger holiday palette they had but tried to be restrained :) I think I am going through a palette phase at the moment, have my eye on some of the laura Mercier holiday ones.

    Hi Jane,
    Thanks, I should have known it would be too frosty really and left it but you know how all sense seems to leave me when I go to those cosmetics counters :)x

    Hi Blushingloves,
    They are very wintery colours, I think I will have to wear them in a different way though so its less frosty ;)

    Hi Joolz,
    Nice of you to say :)
    I'll keep Tzarine on my list I think, its not limited edition do you know ?

    Hi Jennifer,
    Glad you like it :) I used the silvery taupe on main lid, gunmetal in the crease,smoky brown to line and the frosty pink as the inner highlight.

  9. Hi again

    I was looking at the Sephora website and saw this palette- The packaging looks similar to the palette you reviewed. I love the deep blue color but believe it may contain shades that have been released previously? So, to answer your question- I'm going to try and stick with just the polish- lol. I'll see how I do though- I have very little restraint lately. x

  10. @jv: I hear the Friends & Family sale is on the way, so less need to feel guilty ;) x

  11. I have one of last year's cannages with plummy colours. My problem with these palettes is colour pay-off. They somehow seem to pack more frost(iness) than actual colour...kind of difficult to explain but hopefully you'll know what I mean.
    Was back at Selfridges yesterday and went a little bit crazy (yes, I know, highly unusual for me, along the lines of "My name is Nina and I'm a makeupholic"...oh, well). I got, amongst other things, the Le Metier pencil eyeliner in Tamarack which looks simply gorgeous and the BR307 trio eyeshadows from Shiseido. Will try them out later and let you know what I think.
    Have a wonderful start to the weekend!

    Nina x

  12. Hi jeanie,
    I've not seen that palette before, we only seem to have the one I got, the lip version and then the travel palette with a bit of everything in it, I quite like the look of that one in your link though! You may know by now that I have no makeup retaint whatsoever, so your not alone :) we will see if we both manage to just stick to the polish!

    Hi Nina,
    Yeah, I get what your saying, pigmented frost :)
    Will look forward to see how you like them, I am very interested in the Shiseido shadows, have you seen their palette for holidays in stores at all ? x

  13. How wonderful to be reminded of exactly why I love Japanese brands so much!
    The Shiseido trio is just so lovely...mind you we are not talking earth-shattering novel shades here, far from it. A lovely deep brown, a medium-light beige-golden and a whisper of a highlighting shade. Simple, yet so perfect. Not shimmery, but smooth and buttery and satiny, and thoroughly flattering in an elegant way.
    The Selfridges counter did not have the holiday palette and I forgot to ask when it's coming out. I have the number though, and I could easily call them if you want to find out
    The Le Metier pencil was rather disappointing. Gorgeous colour, BUT zero staying power Admittedly I have oily lids, but powdering and priming with UDPP always gets me great results...not so with Tamarack. I used it, as suggested as a base and set it with eyeshadow, whilst also tightlining (top and bottom). On the lid it disappeared within an hour and a half! It fared a little bit better on the waterline, but certainly did not warrant the £20 (I think) that I spent on it.
    Nina x

  14. Hi Nina,
    Well you have sold me on the Shiseido, I'll have a look at the shade ranges they do, thats fine about the palette but if you do spot it I'd love to know your thoughts on it.
    Thats really not good about that pencil epecially for the price, thinking about it I do have one of their pencils as I got it not long ago as part of a Liberty beauty GWP which contained various brands, I put it in one of my brush pots and have only just remembered it now after reading your comment, how bad is that! I wonder if it will last better on me, will have to try and review it x


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