Sunday, 3 October 2010

Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild Palette

Each shade embossed with the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild palette is extremely impressive to look at.
The over spray makes the colours look more intense, once worn off (after a few uses) you get a gently shimmered ivory/beige, grey/taupe with subtle shimmer, deep matte indigo and coral pink blush.
On the base of it the colours look almost basic in the pan but the combination works perfectly. There is a certain glow with the base and shadow shade. The indigo used in the crease and as a liner has a deep smokey almost inky look to it but its not harsh and adds a different slant to the overall look. The coral pink blush gives a really healthy bright pop to the skin.
As always the shadows are smooth and blend well, Sometimes I have found Chantecaille shadows to not have much colour pay off and blend away too much, but its not the case with these.
The blush has good pigmented and lasts very well, here are the ingredients
Corn starch always tends to make me itchy with one use and then break out with continued wear them but I have always be able to wear Chantecaille blushers.
Priced at £73, in terms of Chantecaille prices I think this is quite good, as their eyeshadows/blushers cost £23 each and the palette is reusable ( I remember I did a phone order and was somewhat horrified when I read the bill and the empty 8 pan palette was £42).
As with a lot of the limited editions that Chantecaille bring out some of the profit benefits animals, for this one 5% of the proceeds go to TRAFFIC (the international wildlife trade monitoring organisation).
I think its a beautiful palette and dare I say one of my favourites. I went through quite a massive Chantecaille phase when it was first available over here and since they have always dipped in and out of the brand, I do always look forward to their new releases and am very much looking forward to the Hydra Chic Lipsticks which are meant to be a full-impact formula which gives 6 hours wear.

I bought this from Space.NK


  1. Oh, you evil temptress!! It's beautiful and dare I say it, the colours look even more beautiful once the overspray has gone. I need to find an excuse to go and look at this in person. I wonder how many points I'd get on my N.dulge card....

  2. Agree that it looks very beautiful, and the colours look wearable and interesting, but I fear that if I had this I would not want to spoil the loveliness of the embossing. Which would be a bit of waste really. Thankyou for the post. Jan

  3. Three words for you: Just. Plain. Gorgeous.
    And three more: I. Hate. You. :-)))
    No, no, NO...I have to resist...Le Metier coming up, Burberry I haven't even looked at yet...a Trish McEvoy palette that I've had my eye on...I am NOT married to a millionaire...BUT I haven't checked Saturday's lottery ticket yet, so there's still a chance!
    Seriously, this is the only Chantecaille palette that has tempted me so much.
    As for lipsticks, I have loved everything I have ever purchased from Armani, Shiseido, Sensai Kanebo, Guerlain KissKiss, and not forgetting Chantecaille Lip Chics and Chanel Glossimers...
    Have a great week hon!

  4. I love the look of this palette but I could never bring myself to spend that much on one item.

  5. Monday Update:
    I have now checked the lottery ticket and...I've won a tenner! Yay! I can now go crazy on Chantecaille lol...

  6. This is so gorgeous! Can't wait to get my hands on it, I have almost all the other LE Chantecaille palettes and they're all so lovely. :)

  7. Hi Jane,
    You know I like to tempt :) Perhaps you need to convince someone it would make a good christmas present for you x

    Hi Lipstickmama,
    I think I admired the embossing for a few minutes before diving in, as soon as I get anything I have to try it, pretty overspray or not ;)

    Hi Nina,
    LOL, I'd like to say you don't need it really I would..but alas you do :) Guess £10 is better than nothing, still Chantecaille LE seem to stay around for a while,so maybe you will do better in the next lottery ;)
    I forget about Shiseido, have you tried any of the eyeshadows they have brought out since taking on Dick Page ? x

    Hi PinkSparkle84,
    It is a bit hefty to pay in one go, but they are all colours I would buy as singles so thats how I tried to rationalise it :)

    Hi Anitacska,
    I'd be envious of your collection, there are quite a few of the LE ones I missed out on that I wish I had got now.

  8. Hey Replica! I just bought this pallete and cannot wait for it to be shipped to me!! I've recently fallen *completely* in love with Chantecaille as a brand. So far I've got the Olivia Palette and the Rose Gold single eyeshadow. Both are an absolute pleasure to use. :)
    Hope your week is going well!

  9. Hi Lakshmi,

    Thats an expensive path you have taken ;) I really like their lip chics, actually used all the ones I have up, must get some more! I do like their shadows as well, shame they don't bring out new 8 pan filled palettes like they used to x

  10. i was shown this today at the Chantecaille counter!! It's so helpful to see the colors w/o the overlay. Great review, thank you!!

  11. Thanks :) I do like to show things without the pretty overlay as they can often be quite different x


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