Sunday 31 October 2010

Estee lauder Extravagant Gold Holiday 2010

I hadn't intended to buy the Extravagant Gold eye shadow palette (£34), I was only going to have an innocent look, however they had no testers out when it was launched, and I simply mentioned to the SA that I thought it was bad especially as the same thing happened with the fall collection, she said she would get one out especially for me. I was then in the awkward situation whereby she had done me a favor but it was likely I was not going to buy it. As I stood there swatching this extremely warm toned palette something happened...all sense left me and I started to believe that although I am cool toned I would be able to pull off all these yellow/golden/copper hues.
The shadows are very smooth, creamy and pigmented. You get 4 shimmery colours:yellow gold, warm brown, copper, golden ivory highlighter and a matte neutral brown.
All these colours combined look a bit off on me, I'm just too cool toned for this to work. I do however still rate this palette, the texture and wear is very impressive and the colours are really rich.
I've used them all together here for you in two looks (honestly in real life they did look quite different but its not translated well in the photos) I have blended over the shades to sheer them out so the warmth is less intense.
I also bought one of the new glosses in the shade Star Ruby (£16). It looks really pretty in the tube, and I have taken a close up for you.
However, applied its a very sheer strawberry with micro glitter and I was expecting something more pigmented.
Its a bit sticky/tacky but just about wearable for me.
Overall,I continue to be impressed with the improvement of the shadows since Tom Pecheux has become the creative director and look forward to future releases.


  1. the palette is gorgeous! the look you did is so pretty :)

  2. I think that the eye colours look rather lovely and flattering, I too am pale and cool, and would never consider a warm tone, but one of my favourite eye pencils is MAC Powersurge which is a distinctly warm bronze and looks really good-do you have blue/grey eyes? I am trying to peer, if so warm orangey bronze would be the perfect shade to bring them out being opposite on the colour shade wheel thingy! Nice post. Thankyou. Jan x

  3. I really want that palette. I am going to buy it soon I think! I adore that gloss too, I wear it heaps!

  4. That is very pretty and I like it on you. These are some of my most favorite tones- especially the coppery one. I guess I am more neutral as I can wear just about anything on my eyes (no red or bright primary yellow). The gloss is pretty- is it scented at all? I know the EL bullets have that *fig* scent that some really dislike. x jeanie

  5. Hee hee! It would be mean of me to just point and laugh, so I won't. It's tempting though! ;)

    The colours are pretty, I don't think I could make any of them work though. They are so warm. I am however quite tempted by the berry lipstick and gloss from this collection.
    Jane x

  6. Hi Get Gawjus,
    Thanks :) I'm still not sure that it suits me tbh.

    Hi Jan,
    Thank you, I'd say my eyes are just blue, actually I like your idea about a warmer liner, I might tried using the copper shade wet to line, so thanks for the suggestion :)

    Hi Charlie,
    I can see it being quite popular, EL makeup is getting a lot more attention these days.

    Hi Jeanie,
    Yes I think this palette would look really nice on your colouring. The gloss is quite scented, fruity.

    Hi Jane,
    I think I could have done with you standing next to me and tutting to stop me buying this :) The lipstick sparkles didn't show up when I swatched them and they were both a bit wobbly in their cases.

  7. Next time you go shopping, you'll have to imagine me heckling you from the sides ;)

  8. You know, it's strange, but we don't get much Estee Lauder stuff here in Italy...we used to in the past, but now I think they're pushing some of their other brands instead. And another strange thing is, I used to like the brand when I was much younger (last millennium, haha!), but now I don't know, I always forget it exists! Whether you like it or not, your look is perfectly executed as always! xxx

  9. The eyeshadow colours look great!

  10. Hi Jane,
    I'll try and take that image with me ;)

    Hello Anna,
    Thanks. I think I have only taken notice since that Tom Pecheux came in, I think everything else I have tried prior to that from EL was quite disappointing x

    Hi Lisa,
    They are really nice, just wish they worked for me.


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