Friday 15 October 2010

NARS Rajastan Eyeshadow Duo

No doubt you will have seen the many rave reviews of this duo and the colours are indeed beautiful.
The duo contains an interesting combination of a warm golden sandy beige with an almost metallic edge and a cool toned deep smoky blue with a hint of teal. Both shades are quite complex and I do not have comparable shades.
They are pigmented and the texture is soft and creamy. I should love this, but I don't. When I put it on and then look in the mirror I feel slightly let down as the colours don't seem to do much for me.
Some of the vibrancy and complexity seems to be lost from how they are in the pan/swatched to how they apply and I wonder that the Tzarine duo might have been a better choice for me ?


  1. Very interesting review. I had been after this as you know. In the pan they look very appealing. Although the eye look is nice, I do see what you mean about losing some of the colour when applied. The darker colour looks just that, I don't necessarily think from the picture that would recognise it as blue.

    I have to pass on this because of the spending ban, this post softens the blow though. I'm much obliged ;)
    Jane x

  2. I have to say that this duo didn't really catch my attention. I liked the golden colour but I knew I wouldn't get much use out of this. It looks nice on you but I agree with yours and Jane's kind of gets lost in translation.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. I have this duo and I've worn it a few times with your same result. Hmm. Still, I really love it, so I will keep playing with it!
    I also have Tzarine but on my skintone, it gets lost pigment-wise. But again, I love the combination and I will keep at it. :)

  4. Ok, so after an hour-and ten-minute wait, I got the full BBB giveaway bag from Le Metier...
    The bronzer (Maldives) is very nice indeed, the lipgloss is somewhat dark and not really very suited to my skintone (but I can probably play around with it and still get some use). The real prize of course is Peau Vierge that I will start using from tomorrow, so I'll let you know what I think. Only disappointment: it is the medium/dark colour which I can probably just about pull off (just! -and we'll have to see). It would have been totally useless for you and Jane, whom I was delighted to meet!
    It was a bit of a scrum of course, but hey! I also bought the liquid eyeliner in Bleu (a very vivid and summery aquamarine colour) and shall be going back for Bleu Marine...
    So there, now you know everything!
    Nina x

  5. Hi Jane,
    Your right, doesn't look very blue on, I think you can do without it. The holiday collection is up on their website, I'm not to sure about it tbh, although there is a nice nail varish gift set coming out which has that lovely purple shade they released for the spring collection in it so I think I will get that. x

    Hi Nina,
    Yes, I was expecting to love it as I had heard so many rave reviews for it.
    Well thats dedication for you waiting that long for the Metier giveaway!! bet you were so glad you got it, I'm not jealous honest I'm not ;) Hopefully the darker shade of the Peau Vierge won't look too out of place on you as I think its meant to be rather sheer, I'll expect a full review you know. Must have been lovely to meet Jane, I think she is a very "me" person, I'd love to meet you both in the flesh some day!
    The liner sounds really nice, do you find they apply with ease ? x

    Hi Joolz,
    You know, I think we must be the only two people who it hasn't worked that well for, like you I do really like the colours so will continue to see if I can get it to look better on. I wonder if I should give Tzarine a miss then, if it has the same issue. Do you think you will get anything from their holiday collection ?

  6. It is so beautiful!!! I wud try and get my hands on this shade...

  7. I'll have to give Tzarine another try tomorrow. I think you ought to try it before you buy it!

  8. Hi Resham,
    Do you mean the Tzarine one ? I am tempted by it, I think a lot of people seem to have got Rajasan instead, although I have seem some pretty eye looks of some other blogs of Tzarine.

    Hi Joolz,
    I don't live near a NARS counter so have to order site unseen unfortunately, if you do try it again, let me know if you think its worth it please :)

  9. Pity, the dark blue-green looked so gorgeous in the pan...I'm kind of disappointed in dark shades this Autumn, every time i swatch them they just don't deliver, they're all so dirty, just a dusting of dark powder with no depth or complexity. The Tzarine looks ok, but I understand why you went for Rajastan, it looked so much more interesting :( My boy's got a temperature again, woke up with it this morning, I feel kind of tired...xx

  10. PS: you're sending me subliminal messages, the verification word I just had to type for the above comment was: SPEND!!!!

  11. Hi Anna,
    Oh no, do you think its the same thing giving him the temperature or something else ? The poor little thing, he must be due to have a clear spell soon, sending you both ((hugs))

    Those verification things give the strangest words sometimes, but in this case I think you must obey and spend,spend,spend ;) x

  12. Yes, I see what you mean, the dark teal shade does look prettier in the pan, but still, it's a pretty look!
    Or it could be me trying to justify my recent ordering it.. well, at least, I 'm gonna have some fun trying to make it work, guess not all hope is lost! :)


  13. Hi Tina,
    Thanks, lets hope it works for you, I have mostly read only rave reviews of it so hopefully it will be ok for you :)

  14. Well, I'm happy to report that I'm wearing Tzarine today and I love it! The light color looks frosty at first, but when you tap on the grey, it works. Since it is slo neutral, I would suggest another color as a liner. I've used the blue from Brumes in the past and it works well!

    Last week, I wore Rajasthan and when I arrived at work about an hour later, I had a dirty look. Don't know what happened, but I might have been a little heavy handed. The teal-blue did not show up. I still love it though!

  15. Hi Joolz,
    Thanks for that, back on my list Tzarine goes :)
    I think with Rajasthan I am just going to use the darker shade as a liner for now with the lighter one on the lid.

  16. Hi! Long time reader, first time commenting. i really like your blog and your taste in makeup. I found it was really interesting that we share the same thoughts on this nars duo. when we did a review on our blog we said all the complexity is lost when the deep shadow is blended, its in spanish;

  17. Hi Sin MU No Soy Nada,
    Thanks :). Thats a great site you have there. I like the look you did with it, I know that I have since seen other reviews with this duo where people are disappointed that the dark shade does not apply like in the pan when swatched, such a shame.


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