Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sisley Phyto-Lip Shine

I'd bought one Phyto lip shine before and whilst I did like the formula and colour it didn't become a favourite. You may then wonder why I have since bought two more...
I bought shade #10 Toffee when I picked up the winter Sparkling Rhapsody quad as it was displayed with the Autumn/Winter collection.
I thought the colour different and complex, indeed its not something I have in my collection, its a copper tinged brown, but don't be put off by the darkness in the tube, it applies sheer (like all the lip shines do) so a bit of your lip colour comes through.
The next shade #4 Rosewood, I picked up in order to qualify for a GWP and I thought this would be a useful shade to have, its a slightly warm pink/rose.
Both shades have a glossy sheen to them rather than noticeable shimmer.
The Lip Shine's have a light weight texture and although not my most moisturising lipstick they are not drying and lips are left feeling quite smooth and soft.
They cost me £25 each which compared to a lot of other Sisley products I think is a good price.


  1. Rosewood looks very nice. I imagine Toffee looks nice on the lips too and not quite how one would imagine from the swatch.
    Jane x

  2. Rosewood is the one that speaks more to me too. I have never tried any of their lipsticks, but I remember owning a very nice (and VERY glittery) lipgloss that seems to have gone AWOL.
    And I love their glittery pencil eyeliners...
    Have a great week!
    Nina x

  3. Hi Small Old Bean,
    Yes, I do think its a suits all shade.

    Hi Jane,
    Toffee does look a lot nicer on that it swatches/looks in the tube, you will just have to trust me ;)

    Hi Nina,
    I do quite like the stuff I have from them,I really like that holiday quad I got, their makeup line never seems to get talked out much though, shame really as its hard to find reviews for quite a lot of their stuff x


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