Wednesday 28 October 2009

Bamford Haircare

As part of a Liberty GWP I received small versions of Bamford Botanic Geranium Shampoo and Conditioner. I have never heard of this brand before but have since checked online and they are a high-end clothing company by the looks of it, which has branched out to produce a Bath/Hair/Body range.
The products are meant to use the” finest natural and organic ingredients with no nasty chemicals”, “made from “100% natural essential oils and plant extracts”

My hair type is dry but can get oily at the roots, I have lots of broken hair and its also damaged due to daily straitening. I have a very sensitive scalp so usually opt for sulphate free haircare if possible (the Bamford shampoo is NOT sulphate free).

The shampoo, gives a really nice shine, I wash my hair everyday so the shine suits me but for those prone to oily/greasy hair I could see this being too much. I would not buy this for the simple reason that it made my head a bit itchy after use.
The conditioner texture almost feels like a moisturiser, not fine or thick but its definitely creamy. Its not heavy duty so if you hair is quite damaged then this is not for you but it is a great detangler and I would buy this in the warmer months when my hair seems to be less damaged.

Both retail for £16.00 each, for a 250 ml bottle. They have their own site and are also on and


  1. Hi Elise and Mizzworthy,
    Thanks, I've not seen much about this brand so didn't know if people would be interested or not.

  2. I am interested to read that, thanks! the only coverage I have seen of that brand before is Lady Bamford in her organic garden in Wiltshire or somewhere! It's frightfully posh! Apparantly they have a gorgeous spa too.

  3. Hi Laura,
    Ooh that does sound posh :) I'll be interested to see how well they do, there seems to have been a sudden surge in the organic cosmetic market lately.Thanks for your comment.


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