Tuesday 13 October 2009

Hourglass eyeshadow and lipstick review

Having never had access to this brand before, as soon as I heard Zuneta.com were stocking Hourglass I had to pick up a few things.
The eyeshadow duos are pigmented, quite smooth, blend and last well.Texture wise RBR are much softer.
Prism contains a Smokey slate blue (not a colour I have in my collection) and a really pigmented charcoal black with sparkles. The sparkles are much less visible when applied. I have not come across a colour like this blue before and highly recommend this duo if you can wear cool tones.

Suede contains a gentle shimmered champagne and neutral shimmery mink beige. The shimmer is not over the top at all. Even though I have a lot of neutrals I don't have exact dupes of these shades in my collection.

Its worth mentioning that they come with a really good sized mirror and the little brush which comes with them ( I always throw these away usually) is actually good quality and can easily be used for shadow placement, so that is a first for me ! The cases are magnetic as well, not sure the use of this but noticed it when I wondered why my lipstick was stuck to my duo when I was taking a photo :)
I also got lipstick in Lucid, this is a neutral metallic rose. I don’t go for metallic normally but decided this was the safest bet colour wise ordering unseen. I’m pleased to say that the metallic finish is not harsh. The colour is true to what’s in the tube, good coverage and lasts quite well. I will say that this is not really creamy or moisturising.

I am very pleased with these items.The range seems quite small but I will pick up another eyeshadow and lipstick. Here is a quick EOTD using all four shadows, blue on lid, black lightly to line, Beige blended lightly in crease, champagne as all over highlighter.


  1. Hello Replica! Are you nice and settled in your new home now or are you still in the middle of it all?? Moving is always tiring, but I find it's also exciting, hope it's the same for you too! Prism looks really nice, especially in your EOTD, as indeed does Sable...though it's clearly less interesting in the swatch compared to Prism, I must say that on your eyes it looks really nice. Not overly keen on the packaging, though, despite the good size of the mirror...does it actually swivel?? Still undecided about buying...too many other options!!! xx

  2. HEY :)
    I bought the Illume Bronze Light and ask for some samples of the foundation.
    I actualy love this brand, is not all that amazing talk you listen on the videos, there are things that... yehhhhhhh sure!!!!
    But I think this brand is amazing for some detail, the pack is great, very original and chic, but we want the products not the pack, right!!!
    I personaly think this brand is great for older skins, women that don't buy louds of make up but love clean, light and high quality products. Women that love that "less is more" look will love this brand.
    Actualy is my type now, lol
    Just can't decide if I want more or give a try to RBR first... What do you think?

  3. Hi Anna,
    I'm pretty much settled in now, still getting use to it, didn't realise we had so much stuff !!
    They do swivel, quite novel, but I tend to just lay it flat open. I don't think it will necessarily blow you away but if you haven't got similar colours would be worth a try. Thanks for visiting.

    Hello Gabriela,
    I agree with your description of the brand. How are you liking the Bronze light ? Given the choice I would go with RBR if you haven't tried it yet. I think a safe bet is to start with a RBR shadow. I do really like the Hourglass products, but I think out of all the brands I have and have ever tried RBR rates higher than most.Thanks for your comment

  4. First thought was, I will return this product, but was because of the foundations samples/colors. Then I decid to give a proper try to everything, mineral primer, veil fondation... (actualy the foudations colors are great) I was so impressed that I decided to open the bronzer and lets see...
    Well the look was amazing, really clean, sexy, modern, all those things you see on the video.
    ...SO FAR SO GOOD...
    Actualy when I arrived to work 1 hour later and saw my self in the mirror, my skin look great, I had a terrible night, not much sleep and my skin looked so fresh, healthy, amazing but there was no bronzer or highlighter, at least that i could see, i'm getting old but... lol
    So is hard to say, they are good?
    Yes, very, very, very good.
    I reaply at 5 before leave work, again that amazing look of the morning, last longuer on the evening, but is not long lasting at all.
    But the way that transforms your skin is amazing, will be great for first impression impact, nights out and weekends or days off that I have louds of time to pamper myself everywhere at anytime.

  5. look at that sparkly black, it's gorgeous!

  6. Hello Gabriela,
    Well you have made me want lots more things now :) I'll have to check the ingredients though as my skin is super reactive. Thanks for your comment x

    Hello Em,
    It is really pretty and I've not used my other blacks since I have got it. Thanks for visiting.


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