Wednesday 21 October 2009

Review of Clarins Palazzo D’Oro holiday collection Part 1

I tend to find that when I deviate from my main brands I’m usually always disappointed apart from a few exceptions. Clarins makeup has never really appealed to me in the past but I do think this collection is worth checking out for the face palette.
The eye quad contains a very frosty silvered pink, warm shimmery coppery yellow gold, subtle browned neutral, pigmented brown with gold glitter (the gold glitter is not that noticeable once the shadow is applied), and deep brown cream liner.

The quality if the shadows are ok in terms of pigmentation and they blend together quite well and last fine. The cream liner, whilst a really nice deep colour once applied, the texture is very dry so it’s quite hard to get a smooth line.
I like the combination of colours and would say this is suitable for those either warm or cool. You can do a soft shimmery glowy look or a slightly deeper look as below. Ultimately the liner is the only thing that lets this palette down for me.

The overspray on the face powder went down deeper than I thought and I still have golden glitter on application but its getting less! Although I thought this a highlighter I can actually use it as a blusher as its comes out quite pigmented on me. It is a glowy warm golden, almost coppery peach.
I’ve taken a picture here so you can see the true colour coming through.
I think if you are going to get one of them I’d probably go with the face powder as it seems a bit more unique (once you get rid of most of the golden glitter overspray). They both cost £35 each and are limited edition. You will notice this is part 1 of my review, you'd have thought I would have stopped at just these two items but always one for a complete lack of self contral where makeup is concerned the following day I picked up the lipstick and Mascara as well from the collection....

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