Saturday 10 October 2009

Hourglass Visionaire ¬ Eyeshadow Duo and Adorn ¬ Lipstick

I'm currently moving so its all a bit hectic but I had to do a quick post to show you my new Hourglass cosmetics. have started stocking it and have videos on their site showing the products in use. I got the two duo's used in their video, Suede (Ivory and beige shimmer) and Prism (beautiful smokey slate blue and shimmery charcoal) . I'll do swatches, detailed review and EOTD at a later stage but for now will say that these shadows went on more pigmented than they looked in the video. I also got one of the lipsticks, Lucid (Metallic Rose). The Hourglass range it quite small but I will be picking up a few more bits at some stage.


  1. Those eye shadows look amazing on the video, well all the products look realy great.
    Will not be good for my "need to save for holidays project". We will see...

  2. I'm extremely excited as you picked up three of the things I want - looking forward tro swatches and good luck with the move!

  3. I'm really interested in Prism, so I'll be looking forward to swatches.

    Good luck with the move. x

  4. Hello Gabriela,
    I know what you mean, after watching the videos I wanted so much more from the range but decided to be good and limit myself. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Hello Mizzworthy and Grace,
    Thanks, the move has been rather chaotic !! we must share the same great taste :) I think you will both like Prism x


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