Saturday 3 October 2009

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Matte Eye Shadow

Naturally I had to order some of RBR new Long-lasting Matte Eye Shadows. Of the four I got three (picture above L-R), Blackpepper Jay,Chestnut-napped Apali, Grey Go-away Lourie . The light is bad here at the moment so I'll do a close up on colours, swatches and thorough review shortly but for now I will say I am seriously impressed. True to colour, great pigmentation and they blend like a dream, once again RBR doesn't disappoint.
RBR can be bought via


  1. Hello Replica! I've ordered some RBR stuff myself (which i haven't received yet!), but I didn't include any of the new matte eyeshadows :( I was really interested in Blackpepper Jay, though, so I'll be eagerly awaiting your swatch...or perhaps even an EOTD?? Are u going to order anything from Hourglass? By the way, I've never thanked u for following me! Anna x

  2. THank god i dont like matte dark colors or id be broke right now!! Great picture thanks hon!!

  3. Cant wait for your full review! xxx

  4. Hello Anna,

    I will make sure to include Blackpepper Jay in an EOTD soon. What RBR stuff did you order ? I most certainly will be ordering some Hourglass soon, just trying to narrow down my list :) Have you tried any Hourglass stuff ? Pleasure to follow your blog, you have great reviews and pictures. Thanks for your comment x

    Hello Tali,

    well at least your saved then, although have you tried one of their loose glitter pigments ? They are really nice, I must do a post on that soon. Thanks for visiting.

    Hello Mizzworthy,

    Thanks for your comment, I had to quickly order them before that 20% promo finished :)


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