Friday, 30 October 2009

Guerlain Imperiale Holiday Collection 2009

I don’t often buy from Guerlain but I had a £15 Debenhams beauty gift voucher so decided to use it towards the holiday collection, which looked very wearable.
I got the eye quad (£34.50) and lipstick in Grace (£26.50). I’ve heard a lot of good things about these lipsticks but was put off by the bulky packaging and price. This is a beast of a lipstick, I have never seen such a humongous tube before. The colour is a natural gentle pink with a really pretty shimmer almost iridescence to it. Is this lipstick formula better than my cheaper lipsticks, no, I have nothing bad to say about the texture, wear or colour its just that it does not excel over other brands.
The eye quad contains all shimmery shades, a White with a touch of gold shimmer, peachy pink (both these shades are slightly frosty) taupe and a deep slightly chocolate taupe, I’d say this quad is neutral-cool. Quality wise, I don’t think Guerlain make the best shadows, however they do seem to be softer, more blendable and with better pigment compared to a quad I bought from last years collection.

Here is a very quick look with it (and no I am not wearing any under eye concealer)

I am happy with these items but I do seem to have amassed a collection of eerily similar shades. Overall I don't think these items are going to thrill you, but they are great easy to wear colours and would probably make nice gifts.


  1. I've been looking at these lippies for a while now, but I still think I prefer the Dior Serum de Rouge ones at the moment...though the pink ones are tempting. I think the packaging is very chic, despite the weight!! As for the quad, I think it looks very pretty in the box but not overly exciting...and the shadows are a tad too sheer for my liking when spending that much money...and I love sheer shadows usually! Still very pretty buys! On a totally different note, my son accidentally threw a nail varnish down the toilet the other day...note that he was sitting on it and had actually already done what he had to do...I think that's worse than the RBR incident!!! xx

  2. Hi Anna,
    OK, you win, nail varnish down the loo is worse :) hope it wasn't an expensive one !

  3. Not expensive, no, a Mavala polish, but my favourite from that brand! Luckily it's not a LE or discontinued colour!!! xx

  4. Hi Anna,
    Well here's hoping it doesn't happen again, guess next time you will be prepared :)


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