Sunday 18 October 2009

Clarins Palazzo D’Oro holiday collection

When I first saw a image of Clarins Palazzo D’Oro holiday collection on another blog, it instantly appealed with its delicate shimmery golden look.
They had the collection out in Boots today; I picked up the Gold Attraction Eye Quartet & Liner Palette and Gold Attraction Face Palette. I may go back for the mascara (I think its meant to be a black with golden shimmer) and even the lipstick (very shimmery wash of gold). They also have a GWP on if you spent over £40, really generous sizes of various skincare/body products.

I was surprised that both compacts were £35 each. I have no problem paying this price but in terms of Clarins pricing range I was expecting them to be around late £20’s, £30 each at most. It maybe they cost slightly more due to the packaging, which is really pretty. The compacts are very heavy (feel like they are made out of metal) and have a embossed golden pattern on the lids (the whole casing is gold) they even come in a suede feel pouch. These are the most luxurious packaging I have seen from Clarins.

I will have to mention at this point that Clarins isn't one of "my" brands, the skincare I have tried irritated my skin and I have only bought two things from the makeup range before and was very unimpressed.
The Gold Attraction Face Palette has a very glittery over spray but under this is a sheer gold with a bit of sparkle.
The eye palette contains a shimmery slightly silvered pink, this may be a bit frosty, very warm gold, slightly mauved brown and medium brown with gold shimmer. The liner shade is a very deep brown.
I’ll give these a proper try out first before I do a review and swatches but I just wanted to do this post to show you this collection as Clarins does not seem to get much of a mention, but on the face of it this is one of their prettiest collections to date in my opinion.


  1. They both look pretty, especially the Face Palette...after reading this post I decided to take out an old Clarins palette I hadn't played with in a long while, you're right, the brand's makeup doesn't really get many mentions! I'm curious to know what you think of the "spreadability" of the shadows...xx

  2. Thanks Elise, glad you liked it x

    Hello Anna,
    I do that when I see a post on something I have sitting neglected in my traincase ! Just done a review x


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