Thursday 15 October 2009

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex and Fall Lavish plum quad

I don’t recall having ever bought from Estee Lauder before, to be honest the packaging does not appeal to me and I feel it has a more old fashioned image. I think of it more as an anit-aging skincare line. Well maybe I am feeling my age and have been called “madam” too much recently but looking in the mirror I suddenly felt my eye area had really aged. I’ve always had dark circles but the little lines are not so little and the bags seem more pronounced. I had seen a few raves for their new Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex £33 so decide it was worth a try. Whilst going to pick it up in Boots I noticed that they had a GWP event on. I showed my usual impressive restraint and immediately decided I have to buy someone else to get a gift I would most probably not end up using. Perusing the range it changed my perception of the brand a bit, it wasn’t all neutrals and I did like the look of some of the shadows and the new coloured mascaras. I decided on the new limited eye quad in Lavish plum (£29).

I choose this as I was intrigued by the bottom left shade, kind of a cranberry, this is not a shade I have in my collection and I thought the quad offered a slightly different twist on a normal plum look. Texture wise its not the best. The darker plum is a bit flaky, the other shades are ok but there are better brands for colour payout and blendability. I am however pleased with the overall look the quad gives ( I don’t advise using the plum as a liner as this made my eyes look really blood shot, best used on the outer V) .
I will wait at least a month before reporting back as to whether the eye cream works wonders (I'll be optimistic at this stage)
This is the GWP, I got a bit over zealous trying to open the lipstick and smooshed it ! There were two colour options (warm and cool) , which I thought a good idea. I got cool which contains a mini quad in smokey pink, pure colour lipstick in Crystal pink, Idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher, high gloss in pearl, mini sensuous fragrance and a take it away makeup remover.


  1. Let me know what you think of the night repair serum. I have a few samples from the counter and really like it. I am fan of the Idealist product.

  2. i have dark circles and i have used the Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex-and it works :)
    i have been using it for a while and i could see a difference in one week.
    tho i have to say the eye doctor from origins is a lot more effective,i saw results in 4 days!
    i don't have wrinkles so i dont know how these two products will combat them but for lightening dark circles they r good.

  3. Hello Lipstick Rules,
    Will do,after only using it a few days the area seems a bit smoother, so fingers crossed ! Thanks for visiting.

    Hello Honey,
    That sounds very encouraging, although eye doctor from Origins didn't do anything for me but we will see. I'll make sure to do a full review. Thanks for your comment.


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