Sunday 4 October 2009

Nars lipgloss

At one point I had a rather large NARS collection, present day and I very rarely buy NARS. I can't get past the smell of the lipsticks and lip lacquers, the blushers break me out and texture wise only the newer eyeshadows seem good ( I may have to pick up Mekong as that has been getting a lot of raves). Part of the Liberty GWP was a NARS lipgloss duo. I'd only tried their pot glosses before. The duo consists of Greek Holiday ( sheer wash of gold with multi coloured glitter) and Chihuahua (slightly warm pink with no shimmer). Texture wise these are reasonable thick and sticky but not overly so, this one also doesn't seem to posses a smell. Greek Holiday really only shows up on me as glitter ( and I don't have pigmented lips) and whilst Chihuahua is an easy to wear everyday shade I'm not overly impressed and wouldn't buy a NARS lipgloss after trying this one out.


  1. I hate the smell of the lipglosses. I only have Talitha as its the same as my name (but a goddam ugly color!) and turkish delight which smells like rotten plastic!

    I do love their shadows though. Mekong is a great consistency!!

  2. Hello Tali,
    Glad I'm not the only one who can't stand the smell :) I can see I will have to succumb to Mekong at some point. Thanks for your comment


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