Saturday 3 October 2009

Illamasqua Dystopia review part 2

The other items I got from the Dystopia collection were the two pigments and Velocity nail varnish. Android is a smokey charcoal full of multi coloured glitter. To get the most out of this its best used wet or over a cream base. Used dry, whilst it goes on as per my swatch as soon as you make any move to blend it you are left with far less colour intensity and the glitter seems to mostly disappear.

Static is a very sheer opal with pink glitter, applied dry I pretty much only get the glitter, so I just apply a bit over the middle of the lid over other shadows to give a bit of sparkle.

Velocity is a dusty grape, I've not seen a colour like this before so its a great addition.


  1. I am so tempted to pick up that nail varnish, I have found the same thing with android pigment, it only really works when used wet! x

  2. Hello jobetterdays,

    I would recommend the varnish, makes a nice change ! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that about android. Thanks for visiting x

  3. I've just order same nail polish.I had problem with staying power of other brands like OPI,China glaze,Essie etc.I hope Illamasqua's varnish will work for me.


  4. Hi My Humble Reviews,

    OPI and Essie didn't wear well on me either so hoping the Illamasqua will be better for you. Thanks for visiting x

  5. i've been so curious about velocity nail vanish for quite some time, and thank god i saw this swatch !! :))) it's such a pretty color for fall!
    oh, have you seen parlez vous opi? (by opi) before?? they both look dusty purple to me, n i have no idea which one to get. :[

    about the mac volcanic mask, yea, definitely it's not a WOW product that change my face completely, but what i like is it somehow shrinks the pores of my nose a little bit! :)

  6. Hi Alexa,

    I've not seen that OPI shade I'm afraid. I have not been that impressed by OPI in the past, I think the Illamasqua formula is better.

    I'll keep trying that mask then as I could do with shrinking the pores on my nose :)

    Thanks for your comment x


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